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An interesting concept (philosophy) that I've been thinking and reading about recently is nihilism. It presents a pretty cynical view at times but does raise many valid points about this world.

We all "exist" in this world. Yet... for what reason?

Theists attribute our existence to a higher 'God' and thus our purpose is to please this said 'higher' entity.

Atheists, on the other hand, say "this is bullshit" there is no 'God', we just simply exist for whatever reason (personal, spiritual, or whatever).

It's interesting, yet saddening, to watch humans waste their time over figuring out whether God exists or not. I mean, I'm all for figuring out whether such an entity can 'scientifically' exist but I don't see any value in participating in such a fight that cannot be won, that does not need to be won.


Going back to the point:

When you map value to an entity, do you invest so much time in a single value? Do you grant it and invest into the multiple values? or do you even try granting any value to you?


Take the term "cup", we could typically map the value of it is a 'cylindrical' object that can contain liquids; but wait... the cup has other purposes. You can use it as a carrier for pencils, pens and other things.


So the question becomes... what is a cup? We are all taught to map values to an object. We're all told these values already exist for an object. Some aren't even correct.

However, we all seem to hold onto that value so much that we lose the sight of it's just a term to describe matter.

A cup can be made of paper, which at the end of the day gets decomposed or burnt.

Consider it made of metal, when it is recycled, it's melted down into something else...


What value do you map to your everyday objects? Do you attribute so much worth in this matter that will just go away.

Do you know where value came from? Nothingness.

Without nothingness, we cannot acknowledge the existence of somethingness.


When we map a value to something, we also implicitly add negative value onto it.

Think about it... let's take an example: 'water' . I'm not talking about the term 'water'. Let's talk about the substance in nature we map the value of 'water' to.

Did you know that water itself does not conduct electricity? So as we learn, we map the value '~Conduct(Electricity)' to 'water'.

We're the ones attributing this based on observation the value of what water brings in the nature of electrical conductivity.

Interestingly enough, when you map that value, you also forget that you're also saying... ~water -> conduct(Electricity).

since we add the value of non-conductivity to 'water', something that is not water may conduct electricity.

Does it mean that everything that is not water conducts electricity? We pass value to the negative value of it.

Of course not, rubber is an insulator and doesn't allow electricity to travel through. However the fact stands that when you claim a positive of something... there will ALWAYS be an opposite truth to it.


So bring this back to the idea of nothingness and somethingness, does it really matter that somethingness exists or nothingness exists?

When at the end of the day, we humans map values (some that don't make sense) to a material object and yet we hold onto the values and not the object itself.


We live in a world that cares about the value of something and not the something itself. Interestingly enough we also care about the value of its opposite value more, yet the nothingness doesn't matter as much.

We thrive to be the best even though we may not be. And when we're not, we're sad.


So what if we're not the best, what VALUE does that bring to yourself? Do you care about the value of feeling not the best more.. or about the fact that you may not be the best?

In any case, what matter does it bring to you? Does it bother you... that you cannot be the best? I'm sure that there will be plenty of people who will be better than you. so what? What value are you bringing into your daily life by harbouring this feelings of incongruency when it is nothingness.


When you acknowledge that these are just values and not really the object itself, you acknowledge that it's just a feeling, just a manifestation of your ownself. Feelings are temporal. They come and go. They are unpleasant or pleasant. Feelings manifest from the inside out.


When you submit that nothingness spawned it, why would you have to worry? Worrying is just a manifestation from nothing. Nothing is what brings you to acknowledge that something exists and vice versa, something is what brings you to acknowledge nothing exists.


Song =3


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Now that was deep. I, myself have been wondering what my purpose is. Being raised in a home of Faith (not to bring about a religion discussion), I've always believed that there is ONE that created all. I've found that the more you dig deep and deeper and into anything (and everything) that it seems an argument can be made against every point you could make. It just depends on what side you choose. For me, I've learned to stick to what I believe and have passion for and whether or not people agree is a moot point; at the end of the day...its still your life.

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