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Day Juan




Sorry for not posting daily like I said I would but here it goes. Today I decided to continue learning to code for SM. Shoutout to Icon for the help fam. Other than that I hadn't really touched Jailbreak in the past few days for more than a few rounds. I did however have an odd dream which I included in a post conveniently posted the same day that I both remember my dream and hate it lol. Besides coding and Jailbreak I spent an increased amount of time in Minigames for once which was a mistake as every 10 seconds I was asked to re-add Fuster Cluck which I do not want to do (yay Minigames). I should probably beat more games now since I have summer vacation, like FarCry 4 and the Bioshock series (already beat Infinite and am working on game 1). Also need to beat Dragon Age Inquisition as it is an amazing game, other than that there isn't much to say. Hope you guys had a good weekend, now its time to not starve along with Huejay, MizzMadelyne, and blue.



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