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Is Cleopatra So Famous That She Deserves A Game?




Possibly the most iconic woman in antiquity, Cleopatra has captured the imagination of the world for centuries. She is now capturing the imagination of casino players in one of the most popular online slot games of all time. But who is this woman? And does she deserve to be immortalised in the famous cleopatra slot game?


Cleopatra was an Egyptian Pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 51 – 30 BC. She is famous for many things, notably being one of the few female rulers of antiquity and for having been the lover of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony (amongst others). She ruled at a time when there was much strife between the Roman Empire and Egypt, with the former being on the ascendancy and the latter slipping into decline. Through her guile and seductiveness she was able to hold back the Roman Empire from taking over Egypt – for a while anyway.


More than a Bride – everyone loved Cleopatra


Marriage-minded Cleopatra wedded both her brothers – as was the custom in Egypt at the time. She had an affair with Julius Caesar and bore him a son. But her true love – as the story goes – was Marc Antony, Roman General and ruler of a faction within the Roman Empire. Cleopatra had numerous affairs with Marc Antony and bore him 3 children. However, their relationship was not only about passion, it was also strategic. Marc Antony needed Cleopatra’s help as the Roman Empire was slipping into civil war after the death of Julius Caesar. Marc Antony persuaded Cleopatra to side with him against the other factions in the Roman Empire. The Roman Senate eventually declared war on Cleopatra and named Marc Antony as a traitor, when their armies were defeated they both fled back to Egypt. There they would commit suicide and thus enter into myth, and further down the line, into popular culture.


Cleopatra has been immortalised in great works of literary fiction, from the likes of Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and many others. Many great artists too have tried to capture the essence of the enigmatic Cleopatra, such as Guido Cagnacci and Alexandre Cabanel. She has also famously been portrayed in the classic 1963 film ‘Cleopatra’, where she starred alongside real-life husband Richard Burton, who, somewhat fittingly, played Mark Antony.


Cleopatra has become a by-word for grace and beauty, not to mention feminism throughout the ages. Her image is engrained upon the consciousness of society, even children know the image of the Egyptian Queen when they see it. An icon, blending myth and history together to throw up an image of feminine power and beauty.So yes, it is understandable that one of the best known casino slot games is modelled on the life one of the most celebrated women in history.



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