Long Time No See




Well, It's been quite some time since I dusted off the tags and logged into HG.

When hanging out with my online friends in my shrinking free time became harder and harder to do reliably...

And the Division system imploded and took "Strategy Division" with it.

It was a signal that it was time for me to quietly pause and recenter my priorities.


Things have changed quite a lot.


I have moved across the county, grown a little human up toward the top of the single digit years, and mostly been very busy focusing on work and streaming consistently to help grow my community for Extra Life Gamedays.

I hope everyone has been doing well. I see one or two old faces who have worked hard and done rather well for themselves in HG.

Truly, things haven't slowed down very  much, but I do hope to be around a bit.

When I am not streaming, You will most likely see me in LOL , or possibly fortnite no build.

This is just a casual player, casually optimistically returning to his first online family.

It's good to see that HG is still here.

I am excited to see where HG is growing toward.


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  • Executive Council

We are happy to have you back! Welcome! I look forward to chatting with you more and possibly getting some sessions in

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