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HG CS:GO Moderator Application

Read everything before posting This time it is going to be a little bit different than the other times. We will refer to you guys as "Moderators." We are basing this off of GMod's way of doing it. Read this post entirely. If you don't meet one of these requirements and post then your app might be rejected.


  1. Be a HG Member+ ([HG], HG |). IMPORTANT: If you are a recruit, do NOT post here, unless you have a vouch from a member of CS:GO Staff. If you don't have that vouch, your post will be ignored or deleted.
  2. Own CS:GO...
  3. Know the rules like the back of your hand, and be willing to enforce them.
  4. Have no recent, active, or extremely incriminating tlists/bans.
  5. Have no abuse reports marked [ADMIN BANNED] or [ADMIN REMOVED].
  6. Have contributed to HG financially before (admin, VIP, rep for money, PERP cash for money, credits for money, donation, etc).
    2. Note: exceptions to criteria may be bent for players who play frequently between 11am and 1pm PST on weekdays. Exceptions may be made for European players, or time zones where there are typically no admins.


  1. Age
  2. Length in HG
  3. Do you have any past experiences moderating (admin)? If so, explain.
  4. Reason for applying
  5. Timezone
  6. Time available for moderating (UTC)
  7. Server you are applying for
    • Your Gameme profile for that server

[*]Secondary choice (which you may decline) if first choice was unavailable

  • Your Gameme profile for that server

[*]If you're a recruit recommended by which cs:go staff member?

[*]Your HGBans page.

Post your application here, anything else will be removed.


Notes: There will be a limited amount of admins per server. So be wise with your choice. Current Moderators As you can see most spots are taken.


We reserve the right to give, or not to give this to anyone we please. We also reserve the right to take away anyone's free admin at any time with or without warning. If you abuse, you will likely find your free admin stripped.


We will have individual interviews at a later date. They will be done mostly all day so we will be able to interview most people all in one day. I will post when we are doing interviews. For now just post your app. We will be checking activity in the server you have admin in, if you become inactive we will remove your admin and you may not re-apply for 2 months If you have any questions ask one of the CSGO Leadership.

  • Copy and Paste your Steam id here. It should look like this STEAM_X:XXXXXX

  • Length in HG

  • Have you had admin before in HG?

  • Why do you deserve moderator?

  • PST, MST, EST, CST, etc..

  • When will you be active on our servers weekly?

  • What server is your primary server requested?

  • If you are an HG Member leave this blank

  • Put your steam id in the HG Bans search and copy the link
IP.Board Forms by DevFuse

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