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TF2 Moderator

TF2 Moderator Applications


A current list of TF2 Moderator & Leadership members can be found here.


Moderator Requirements

Make sure to read through these requirements & make sure that you meet them before applying

  1. You must be an [HG] Member or HG | Veteran to apply.
    • Exception: -hg- Recruits may apply if they receive a referral/recommendation from any member of TF2 Leadership e.g. DS or DL
  2. You must be willing to be active on all HG platforms: In-game, forums, bans, TeamSpeak & the moderator channels for discord.
  3. You must be willing to use discord & regularly check notifications for the moderator channels..
  4. You must have a minimum combined player time of 24 hours on any of our trade servers.
  5. You cannot have any HG abuse reports marked as "ADMIN REVOKED" or "BANNED"
  6. You cannot be marked as a scammer on steamrep or be community banned on steam.
  7. You must have a decent knowledge of the trade server & general server rules as well as how you should enforce them (see rule enforcement procedures for more details).
  8. You must have a decent knowledge of how to use HG Bans. (E.g. replying, getting proof, posting proof, etc.) We require proof on all bans.
  9. You may only make one application each month. Do not make another application if you have an older one currently unhidden in the thread.


TF2 Moderator Guidelines & Rules

Make sure you understand these.

  1. Follow the rules you enforce.
  2. Always follow the rule enforcement procedures.
  3. As a TF2 Moderator Abuse is NOT tolerated. Note: Using any admin command for any purpose besides enforcing the rules is considered abuse.
  4. As Moderator you are Not allowed to take action on other moderators. If there is an issue then submit an abuse report or contact either a DS or DL.
  5. As a TF2 Moderator, you are a trusted middle man on our servers. If you scam or attempt a scam with these privileges you will be demoted & banned.
  6. Make sure to be active. The TF2 Leadership team does routine activity check & inactive moderators will be demoted.
  7. This position does NOT exclude you from any rules.
  8. This position requires you to follow certain procedures. If you don't think this is for you then you can also buy gold account (gold admin).
  9. You are not allowed to raffle, this is DS+
  10. Be sure to act professionally, as you represent HG.
  11. For your ban report to be approved, you must have sufficient proof, if you aren't sure what proof to include make sure look at rule enforcement procedures or contact either a DS or DL.



TF2 Leadership 

  • Put your Steam ID here, it should look like this STEAM_X:XXXXX

  • Link your SteamRep profile here.

  • What is your age? (Which age bracket do you fall into? 15 or under, 16-17, 18 or older?)

  • (Date your forum account was made, or approximate date you started playing on the TF2 Servers)

  • Have you ever purchased admin, or received a gold account?

  • E.g. another community or other division servers?

  • Can you get proof on your own for bans?

  • Can you follow all of HG's rules & enforce them to your best ability?

  • PST, MST, CST, EST, etc...

  • What is the difference between sharking someone & scamming someone

  • Why should we promote you to moderator?

  • What does the phrase "with great power comes great responsibility" mean to you?

  • If you are a member, leave this question blank
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