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-hg- Clan Application



Hello and Welcome to the HeLLsGamers Organization.

Complete each required step and submit the form below to complete your clan application:

  1. Review Member Rules
    • Follow all server Rules! (MOTD Rules are displayed when joining each server)
    • Use only one name while gaming here.
    • Do not be an asshole, disrespectful, degrading! Always respect your fellow members.
    • No foul, degrading,, bullying, or racist remarks allowed. Respect members from other countries!
    • No cheating, cheat scripts, map exploits or hacks of any kind.
    • No arguing with or impersonating an Admin.
    • Do not disrupt the server(s) in any way.
    • Support the Admins and other Community Members.
  2. Join the HeLLsGamers Steam Group
  3. Like and Follow HeLLsGamers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (optional)
  4. Download and Install TeamSpeak 3

HG Communication Required

Use TeamSpeak to communicate with your fellow members! You will be able to contact admins through this program, and get instant access to the server when it is full or to report a problem.

We also have a Private Messaging system (PM) for this site. You may receive important Messages from other members or you can use the PM System to Message a member. When you have a New PM Message, you will see a flashing "Notification Message" text near the top right of the page.

Important information

If you are not active playing, on the forums, or on TeamSpeak your membership will be removed.

After submitting your application below, check back on the status of your application as a recruiter will respond shortly.

If your application is approved, you will be instructed to connect to our TeamSpeak server and join the Help Desk channel where a Division Staff member :staff: will speak with you to complete your app.

Your first order of Rank will be -hg- Recruit. As a recruit you will be on a trial period for 2 months (60 days) until you are eligible for promotion to become an official [HG] Member.

Please attach your Steam ID to your form account here, this helps speed up the recruitment process.

Put on the Clan Tag!

Put the tag on all your names, in-game, on websites, on xfire, steamfriends, etc.
You can start wearing the -hg- Tag when you have been accepted by a recruiter and completed your membership via TeamSpeak.

Once your application has been approved, you can access the HG Members private forum.

Have Fun And Welcome To The Best Multi Gaming Organization!

  • What game division are you applying for?

  • What City, State do you live in?

  • Minimum age requirement is 13 years.

  • (if applicable) If you need help finding your Steam Id click here, it should start with STEAM_

    Do you have any current Valve Anti-Cheat bans on your profile and if you do please post on this application a screenshot of what they are, using the other information box below on the bottom of this form. This makes it faster for a judgement to be made on your application and DOES NOT mean it's automatic denial if you check yes.

IP.Board Forms by DevFuse

Important Information

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