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TERRARIA guide of sorts


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Alright kids, buckle up. I recently discovered the World of Terraria and may I just say I’m hella late. If you never played, I highly suggest buying it. it's on sale quite often so if you ain't in a hurry there's no need to rush, it'll wait for you. I'll try to not spoil anything but there may be a few leaks here and there.

This is a guide from a player that has played through a classic, large world map with a bunch of friends. With 80+hours under my belt, I'll tell you the basics, the howtos, to the world of terraria- at least to my knowledge.

Disclaimer: i suck at games thanks, any questions that I'm unsure of will be shoved underneath a carpet.

TaLk To YouR GuiDe. 

The game consists of Early, mid, and end game progress.

Getting started:

TaLk To YouR GuiDe. 

Build your house - preferably on the first night. By building a house you’re allowing NPCs to move in, which you can purchase and sell items to. They sell useful items from mining equipment to pure cosmetics. 

Requirements for house: 

I personally made mine a 6x6 house not including the ceiling and walls you put in. For a house to host a NPC, it must have a table and a chair which can be crafted with a workbench. If you don’t know if your house is suitable you can click the ? icon on the right of the screen after clicking the house icon. You should build multiple rooms because only one NPC can occupy one room at a time. 

TaLk To YouR GuiDe. 

Explore the world - go left, go right, go up, go down. Just go. If you have daylight feel free to explore the wilderness. It gives you a sense of what you have to work with and you may even find a few chests here and there.


Choosing a “class” 

There are 4 basic classes that you can choose to align to.

Melee, Summoner, Mage, and Ranger

Melee - usually short ranged, swords and what not

Summoner - uses staffs to summon minions/sentries to fight on your behalf

Mage - you’re a wizard harry

Ranger - guns/archers you know distance is your best friend. 

There are certain artifacts and armors that benefit your class, so the faster you decide the more direction you have in obtaining resources.

Bosses: You’ll end up fighting a few STRONK enemies to progress through the story line. For a bunch of pixels on a screen they sure make some scary noises. 

Make use of buffs certain items may give you. EX: potions that grant specific buffs, banners, special items. 


There’s not much I can say here without spoiling anything so I’ll keep it simple. Use potions, learn about the weapons you are using and build your class. You can always redo and farm bosses for better gear, money, and special artifacts. That’s all I can say for the end game.


TaLk To YouR GuiDe. 

-Fishing. Some say it's boring and useless but it's honestly not that bad - there's a chance for the crate to be fished up which can contain ores, material, and other useful things.

-It’s best to keep the materials you get from mining - this means plants, blocks, etc. They could be used for crafting later.


-Pay attention to the text on the button left hand corner of the screen. Usually it’ll give you a hint on what to do next as you progress.


-Making an arena for boss fights usually helps a lot.


-Have fun and explore. 


In the end it’s just a game for you to explore and enjoy the subtle lore it’s guiding you through.

It’s going to be an experience and you may binge through the whole thing like I did, but there’s always harder modes to play on.

TaLk To YouR GuiDe. 

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