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Revelation MUD Game


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My favorite MUD of all time, Revelation, has recently re-launched.  MMO is the closest thing I could find to post this in.  We're looking to grow our community!  The game is totally free.


In revelation there are 12 character classes to choose from.  The focus is on grouping, several tiers of boss fights, farming and customizing gear, and pvp of course!  It has a small, tight-knit community that would be happy to help out any time it is needed.  Join our discord at the link below and say hello!  The client download can also be found there.  Cheers!


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I'm sure many MUD enthusiasts will be thrilled to hear that Revelation is back and ready to roll. It sounds like a fantastic game with a lot to offer, from the various character classes to the focus on grouping, boss fights, and PvP fun. Building a strong, close-knit community is key, and it's great to know that there's a supportive bunch ready to welcome new players. Thanks for sharing the Discord link – that's a perfect way to connect with fellow gamers. And if you're ever in the mood for a different gaming experience, you could explore real money games to add another layer of excitement to your gaming adventures.

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