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other What's Your Favorite Esport And Why?


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Personally, i played CS 1.6 starting when i was 11-12, and i started cal when i was about 13 years old with a pub clan... eventually i peaked when i was 17-18 and probably experienced the most enjoyable competitive gaming experience of my life during that time frame. Recently been playing casual competitive types of games.

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When I was younger I played Runescape and Flyff all days long, haven't played a more 24/7 farming game ever( only way to lvl, 100% killing mobs, 6 hours=1 level when you're not even 30% of the lvls).


Now days I've played cs.go way to much but that and league is probably the games that I played a year back that I still play.


WoW is comming back into my mind, GET AWAY I got school!

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