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267 players in 58 servers, 284 users online, 27 recent bans.

Welcome to the HellsGamers Global Ban Review Center. To view account bans click here.

Here you can:

- Review your bans using the search below.

- Add evidence or comment on an open ban case review. (Only if it involves you or you were present)

- Submit a new Ban Request at the bottom of this page.

25 itemsShowing 1 to 25 of 92362 results
ModCatSteam/UIDView full UIDsNameDatetime AddedDurationTime LeftExpand columnBy/Last Posted SortInfo
CSGOTL0:16938915Julle11m ago2h1h 48m[HG] Alex [™] /bmcServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:79012898digger is not racist46m ago3h2h 13mCrucibleApprovedLocked State
GmodRegular Ban0:51036944(BlueBerry)37m ago2h1h 22mHG | MagicApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban0:160482168koong08771341521h 21m ago1hPassedPassed      Misc2008ApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL1:69947575Periscope1h 27m ago1wk6d 22h 32mCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:114119470-hg- Blackalicious5d 2h 8m agoPermanentInfinitysiriusApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:97136320luke_042h 16m ago2hPassedPassed      CrucibleApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:18069656Feminist3h 38m agoPermanentInfinityCrucibleApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL0:129015568halohuston2h 42m ago2hPassedPassed      HG | SupaNipplez [M]ApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL0:110540071QuickBird422h 43m ago1wk6d 21h 16mCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL0:54021181TearsOfAirLippi2h 45m ago2hPassedPassed      -hg- GI-JOSEServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:68433803Saber14h 26m ago1d9h 33mSKayApprovedLocked State
GmodRegular Ban0:40959005Unknown1d 42m ago1dPassedPassed      SKayApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:79648504.uooyd3h 25m agoPermanentInfinityCrucibleApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL0:54393403MeowM_x3h 24m ago1wk6d 20h 35mCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL1:88008267seniorlocostacos 1R2644211h 41m ago2hPassedPassed      ArcherApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL1:88008267seniorlocostacos 1R2644211h 41m ago3d2d 12h 18mArcherApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:150978459Shad0w4h 15m ago1h 30mPassedPassed      CrucibleApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:124516858Feminist3h 38m ago1hPassedPassed      [HG] KiLLeR SeNSaTioN™Server Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
TF2Regular Ban1:76032654♥Chara♥6h 4m ago2d1d 17h 55mKingSlayerApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:44064657-hg- Charlie11h 49m ago4hPassedPassed      HuejayApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:726898Horigami9h 23m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:34305010✠ Elia ✠23h 5m ago21hPassedPassed      MagicApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL1:99407247spider pig10h 58m ago2hPassedPassed      [HG] Alex [™] /bmcServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:169736210D̞uelpersonality12h 30m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State