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239 players in 39 servers, 284 users online, 19 recent bans.

Welcome to the HellsGamers Global Ban Review Center. To view account bans click here.

Here you can:

- Review your bans using the search below.

- Add evidence or comment on an open ban case review. (Only if it involves you or you were present)

- Submit a new Ban Request at the bottom of this page.

25 itemsShowing 1 to 25 of 105150 results
ModCatSteam/UIDView full UIDsNameDatetime AddedDurationTime LeftExpand columnBy/Last Posted SortInfo
CSGORegular Ban0:225880501Arilis8m agoPermanentInfinityPongoApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:43721464✪ ANamelessNametag2m ago2h1h 57m[HG] StrawBerryServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
TF2TL1:212462540typical master44m ago2h1h 15m[HG] Zeu[S]ApprovedLocked State
TF2TL1:207491679NGS | TangoBravo57m ago2h1h 2m[HG] Zeu[S]ApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:52677766I D G T1h 21m ago1wkInactiveInactive      SpawnMatrixDisapprovedLocked State
GmodRegular Ban0:44719503BAMBAM CSGODUCK.COM3h 14m ago2hPassedPassed      ScrubbubblesApprovedLocked State
TF2TL0:239136533shayne125561h 51m ago2h8m[HG] Zeu[S]ApprovedLocked State
TF2TL1:397720004csirna462h 35m ago2hPassedPassed      [HG] Zeu[S]ApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:102954574donnie83h 47m ago1d20h 12mPongoApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban0:53356580CauZ15h 32m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:223835417Deep Voice Daddy18h 50m ago1wk6d 5h 9mSpawnMatrixApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:178619B17c01NTalk20h 17m agoPermanentInfinityDragonSlayerApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:108320597Que Guay20h 3m ago1d3h 56mSpawnMatrixApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:18203382Gio20h 20m agoPermanentInfinityDragonSlayerApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:240853693Pon Pon Pon -OwO-20h 21m agoPermanentInfinitySpawnMatrixApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:176492712MR.SQUIDS20h 33m ago3d2d 3h 26mSpawnMatrixApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:119257169{GG}Samet Yıldız<3İdal<3{Ölü}21h 5m ago6hPassedPassed      SpawnMatrixApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL1:120136510Hihg20h 55m ago2hPassedPassed      RealDudeServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
TF2Regular Ban0:193258704LMAOBOX.EXE - VAC UNDETECTED21h 10m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban1:151328631Leedle22h 32m ago1wk6d 1h 27mCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban1:61418921Doctor Beb1d 10m ago1dPassedPassed      PongoApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:242918340Yengbang1d 27m agoPermanentInfinityCure1234ApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:243465807DerpyDude1d 50m ago1dPassedPassed      SpawnMatrixApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:15587163alt killed Altf4pi1d 1h 46m ago2d22h 14mPongoApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:50162076Dejvv1d 1h 52m ago1dPassedPassed      PongoApprovedLocked State