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141 players in 39 servers, 284 users online, 9 recent bans.
Ban Details
Ban CategoryRegular Ban
  View Steam Community Profile for 1:206960862Subject Steam ID  Lookup other bans for 1:2069608621:206960862
Subject Name  Lookup other bans for hordehaterhordehater
By  Lookup other bans by 1:173006734❤Deer❤
Server (And Mod)  TF2[HG] Trade 5 Minecraft B45 | 100% Crits | RTD | GameME
Datetime Added  (16mon 1wk 2d 15h 23m ago)2017-03-19 11:57 PM
16mon 1wk 2d 15h 19m ago | 2017-03-20 12:01 AM Click to get direct link to this postPost by EL3CTr0–Z
Aimbot detected by Deer on Trade 5
Proof below. This time it's in 1st per. Apologies for last time.

hordehate_hacker.dem (3.33 MB)
16mon 1wk 2d 13h 48m ago | 2017-03-20 01:32 AM Click to get direct link to this postPost by ArkAngelAngel
16mon 1wk 2d 13h 47m ago | 2017-03-20 01:33 AMArkAngelAngel changed ban duration from 1h [3600 seconds] to permanent [0 seconds]
16mon 1wk 2d 13h 22m ago | 2017-03-20 01:58 AMArkAngelAngel approved ban

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