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Ban CategoryRegular Ban
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Subject Name  Lookup other bans for WilsonWilson
By  Lookup other bans by 22931{No Silence} ATB*
Server (And Mod)  WebWeb
Datetime Added  (1wk 3d 15h 51m ago)2017-03-20 04:40 AM
Duration  (6 days 8 hours 8 minutes left)2 weeks 3 days
1wk 3d 15h 51m ago | 2017-03-20 04:40 AM Click to get direct link to this postPost by {No Silence} ATB*

Make an appeal on your ban to be un-banned on both ts3 and in-game. Unacceptable since you've trolled our members before. Especially since you're a recruit.
1wk 21h 34m ago | 2017-03-22 10:57 PM Click to get direct link to this postPost by Andrew Wilson
Me and Aeris have had a talk about this, so he can vouch for me that this has in fact been settled. Aeris misinterpreted some jokes i told as something stereotypical, thus causing him to be offended by what I said. Some things I said were genuine questions, as I was simply curious about it. However, he later talked to me about how it was annoying, but I never knew he was offended by what I said, only that I was barging into their channel and spewing random things. However, I should have listened more and talked to Aeris more about that.

Some of the things I said were not "racist jokes". I was genuinely curious about their food and the altitude they lived at, though as said earlier, Aeris was not interested and I did not get the notion, hence the comments about tacos and paper airplanes. Neither had anything to do with his ethnic or racial group, and I am sorry that some people interpreted it that way. Furthermore, I am not a social person. I was simply trying to get to know certain people, and from the way Aeris typed things out, it would often seem as if he was jokingly saying something when he was being serious. To amend this, however, I will no longer joke to Aeris. That is something we have mutually agreed upon.

Finally, I would like to apologize for my comments, as they caused confusion and led many people to believe that I held racial prejudice towards Aeris's ethnic group. I had no intention of doing that at all. My intention was just to be funny and try to make new friends, as nobody knew who I was and would simply say "who is that wilson guy?" whenever I entered a crowded channel. On the other hand, many community members do know me and know me as a friend. I would not have gone so far as to make a recruit application and later a member application had my intention been to annoy other players and overall be toxic. I hope you consider this appeal, thank you for taking the time to read this.
5h 42m ago | 2017-03-30 02:48 PM Click to get direct link to this postPost by {No Silence} ATB*
It doesn't seem like you were you genuinely curious. You've trolled members before and then fall back to say I was joking. You can sit your ban for one more week and you'll be free. Any reports I may receive again and you're back to perm.
5h 42m ago | 2017-03-30 02:49 PM{No Silence} ATB* changed ban duration from permanent [0 seconds] to 2wk 3d [1468800 seconds]

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