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302 players in 42 servers, 284 users online, 8 recent bans.

Welcome to the HellsGamers Global Ban Review Center. To view account bans click here.

Here you can:

- Review your bans using the search below.

- Add evidence or comment on an open ban case review. (Only if it involves you or you were present)

- Submit a new Ban Request at the bottom of this page.

25 itemsShowing 1 to 25 of 101319 results
ModCatSteam/UIDView full UIDsNameDatetime AddedDurationTime LeftExpand columnBy/Last Posted SortInfo
CSSRegular Ban1:10143002no59m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:31962803Cursed1h 53m ago1h 30mPassedPassed      HG | GomerPyle [S]ApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:3501758Value Village Security1h 55m ago30mPassedPassed      HG | GomerPyle [S]ApprovedLocked State
TF2TL1:42512615xjistx3h 6m ago1d20h 53mPOLARBEARApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:73889584Hallow's Eve2h 47m ago1wk6d 21h 12mRuthlessApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban0:189608967tomaschodowiecki3h 25m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
WebTL1:177375953-hg- impulse1d 1h 14m ago1mon 2dInactiveInactive      FoxHoundDisapprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:140442Delirium19h 38m ago1mon 3d1mon 2d 4h 21mGomerPyleApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban1:88357026Bang22h 50m ago3d2d 1h 9mFoxHoundApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban1:92276644Admin Is A Pussy1d 15m ago2hPassedPassed      Misc2008ApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban1:79194864admin salad tossing shithead1d 15m ago2hPassedPassed      Misc2008ApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban1:189906375Jperez142161d 12m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGOTL1:106821328Corwin of Chaos1d 2h 14m ago2hPassedPassed      arkenServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:182172999Tracey McBean1d 19h 35m ago1dInactiveInactive      FoxHoundDisapprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:87094310Deag1d 21h 37m ago12hPassedPassed      FoxHoundApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:189472736Perpendicular Killer2d 12h 7m ago2hInactiveInactive      GomerPyleUndecidedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:189472736Perpendicular Killer2d 4h 48m ago2hInactiveInactive      GomerPyleDisapprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban1:34748461Randy BoBandy2d 19m ago10hPassedPassed      {No Silence} ATB*ApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban1:164858278Vaginal Yeast Infection2d 1h 2m ago1hPassedPassed      CONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSGORegular Ban0:98485995-hg- Skys2d 1h 28m ago2hInactiveInactive      Joe TDisapprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:189249894L4x2d 3h 23m agoPermanentInfinityRuthlessApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:82902836dyslexicow2d 2h 54m ago2hInactiveInactive      FoxHoundDisapprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:82902836dyslexicow2d 2h 54m ago2hPassedPassed      SeraphApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban1:46615218n****r lyncher 9000 ✓Tʳum2d 4h 3m ago5mPassedPassed      CONSOLEApprovedLocked State
TF2Regular Ban0:137942898[Uber] Zero2d 5h 17m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State