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418 players in 60 servers, 284 users online, 27 recent bans.

Welcome to the HellsGamers Global Ban Review Center. To view account bans click here.

Here you can:

- Review your bans using the search below.

- Add evidence or comment on an open ban case review. (Only if it involves you or you were present)

- Submit a new Ban Request at the bottom of this page.

25 itemsShowing 1 to 25 of 65587 results
ModCatSteam/UIDView full UIDsNameDatetime AddedDurationTime LeftExpand columnBy/Last Posted SortInfo
CSGOTL0:64937235FreyR53m ago1wk6d 23h 6mDodeApprovedLocked State
TF2TL0:71031716. .47m ago2h1h 12m[HG] GearMechServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
TF2TL1:46901820black reaper57m ago2h1h 2m[HG] GearMechServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
CSSTL1:78568862Zulghar2h 7m ago1mon 2d1mon 1d 21h 52mAudiotapeApprovedLocked State
WebTL0:82644622That Guy! USA THE UK'S BITCH2wk 5d 13h 30m agoPermanentInfinityAudiotapeApprovedLocked State
CSSTL0:42343074chico2h 54m ago2hPassedPassed      Suavement BesameApprovedLocked State
CSSTL1:63545488LT Simon 'Ghost' Riley3h 26m ago2hPassedPassed      mIkkeL^Server Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
TF2TL0:44377333Snipars4Reasons6h 54m ago2hPassedPassed      [HG] GearMechServer Ban Needs ReviewLocked State
WebTL1:14556170t.w riddickspawn14h 35m ago2hInactiveInactive      IconDisapprovedLocked State
GmodBL1:66376208Afif_fifa9615h 10m ago6hPassedPassed      RedustyApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban1:84242490]-[ A \/\/ K (Hawk)16h 21m ago1hInactiveInactive      AudiotapeDisapprovedLocked State
CSSTL0:20172639sweg16h 46m ago1mon 2d1mon 1d 7h 13mDeathShotApprovedLocked State
CSSTL1:15320701Riorank16h 39m agoPermanentInfinityDeathShotApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:28397913WMario16h 20m ago2hInactiveInactive      JaspaaUndecidedLocked State
GmodBL0:68879497shekelshark42016h 46m ago1hPassedPassed      IconApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:17530536TG Paperlack RP name: Gabrial Gray2d 13h 55m ago4d1d 10h 4mSilly BrianApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:17530536Gabriel Unban Request16h 59m ago2hInactiveInactive      Silly BrianDisapprovedLocked State
GmodBL1:22086720slayer16h 58m ago1hPassedPassed      RedustyApprovedLocked State
GmodBL0:68876411Gassie16h 55m ago1hPassedPassed      IconApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:17530536Unban Request17h 24m ago2hInactiveInactive      IconDisapprovedLocked State
CSSTL0:62760263PatriotCat17h 12m ago1wk6d 6h 47mArcherApprovedLocked State
WebRegular Ban0:49936850Commander Melanderâ„¢17h 25m ago3d2d 6h 34mdigitalshotApprovedLocked State
GmodRegular Ban1:35036436[PvP-GoD] Ramzee17h 31m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:85597667.hex (smurf)17h 52m agoPermanentInfinityCONSOLEApprovedLocked State
CSSRegular Ban0:32137746Sgt. Faggot Breath19h 17m agoPermanentInfinityAudiotapeApprovedLocked State