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      28 Oct

    Halloween steam sale, most are games that are meh

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      28 Oct
    Rise Above

    Am I the only one who really care about cover art? Growing up I ain't have my brother 'Cause he said the streets gave him a fresh start.

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General Rules

1. When dealing with 18+ material, please use discretion about what you post.
  • This is not /b/.
  • We have minors on our website so please be mindful of their presence.
  • Mark content that is considered 18+ with *NSFW* and hide them in
    [ninja] [/ninja]
  • Overly grotesque and/or offensive content will be removed without warning.
  • Repeat offenders will be infracted and removed from our website should it be deemed necessary
2. Post in the correct forum
This is a rule broken quite often but needs to be addressed.
Please use your eyes and brain before posting. There are threads dedicated to certain subjects. Posting threads in the wrong section WILL result in the deletion of said thread. If you're not sure where to post, feel free to ask someone where it should go.

3. Do not post personal information that can be used maliciously on the forums.
Information such as postal addresses, full names, IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers should be kept to yourself as much as possible. If you need to share it, please ensure to do it in a private message. As this is a public forum that is also indexed, anyone with basic Googling capabilities can extract information easily and use it to their advantage. Please for your own safety, do not share it if possible.

5. Follow all templates as dictated by subforum rules.
When doing a ban, unban, abuse, t-list, or unT-list report, please ensure to follow the template. We provide them to simplify and streamline your report. If you don't follow the template, two things will probably happen. You will be asked to follow the template or your thread will be deleted. Excessive offenders will be infracted.

6. Do not spam.
We ban website scammers and link spammers on site [sic].

Don't make posts seem that way either.

7. Do not necropost.
Necroposting is the act of bumping a thread up to the top for the sake of post count or ego inflation. You can differentiate a necropost by how useful it is. If let's say we have a thread dedicated to bring back servers when they go down and you post:
"hey, the tf2 idle server just went down" and no one has posted in it for a month. That's FINE. If you choose to post something else like "hey, I like the tf2 idle server", that is considered necroposting. As always, feel free to PM a member of leadership should you have issues with a thread or forum.

8. This is not Facebook or Twitter
Please don't make any of our forums or threads your personal twitter or facebook.

They will be removed without warning.

9. Absolutely no raging threads about jailbreak or any other servers.

  • Admins not doing their "jobs" (i.e. catching every single freekiller that exists, ever, admins not slaying someone because you said they should, etc.). PAID ADMINS ARE NOT subject to the same rules as regular admins. Don't bitch at us if a paid admin doesn't do anything. If you need help, connect to our TeamSpeak and go to the HelpDesk, they can help you.
  • A rule you alone find unjust. Unfortunately, this is not how our business works. Just because you don't like a certain rule (like the no racism or racial slur rule), doesn't mean you can make a whole thread dedicated to it. We don't have a problem deleting it and infracting you for posting it.
  • While we welcome new suggestions about jailbreak and other servers, not all your suggestions will be implemented. Whining about your suggestion not being implemented will result in an infraction and the deletion of your thread WITHOUT any warning.
  • Attacking any admin on forums will result in a forum ban. You have a problem with one of them? Get your proof and post in our Abuse Reports section. Threads lacking proof will be ignored and deleted. While we may have logs and access to the server statistics, we won't go about our way for every small little issue you may have. It's not because we don't care, it's because it is a completely unrealistic expectation if we were to do this for everyone who had an issue with a  server admin.
  • Freekillers! Do not make threads about them outside of HG Bans. They will be deleted without warning. Making a thread complaining about a certain user being a freekiller will only make you look childish and ignorant. Get proof and we'll T-List them.
*Repercussions for recruits and above*
  • 1st Offence: Warning via Post or Private Message
  • 2nd Offence: PM #2 and two points of NON-expiring infraction
  • 3rd Offence: Up to a week forum ban.
  • 4th Offence: Demotion from HeLLsGamers, depending on the severity.
*Repercussions for non members*
    1st Offence: Warning via Post or Private Message
  • 2nd Offence: PM #2 and two points of NON-expiring infraction
  • 3rd Offence: Up to a week forum ban.
  • 4th Offence: Permanent ban from forums