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Ban Details
Ban CategoryRegular Ban
  View Steam Community Profile for 1:80164088Subject Steam ID  Lookup other bans for 1:801640881:80164088
Subject Name  Lookup other bans for PeopleEaterPeopleEater
By  Lookup other bans by 1:100696844[HG] Hydranix [M]
Server (And Mod)  CSS[HG] 24/7 Crackhouse Deathmatch - HeLLsGamers.com | gameME
Datetime Added  (1mon 6d 2h 29m ago)2017-02-17 05:39 AM
1mon 6d 2h 24m ago | 2017-02-17 05:44 AM Click to get direct link to this postPost by Hydranix_
He was annoying people on mic, dropping N-bombs, being a douche, etc. I asked him to stop.

He refused and had some nice things to say about me.

After he was muted he decided to sweet talk me into banning him.


I gave him an hour to let you decide what you want to become of this.
1mon 5d 9h 48m ago | 2017-02-17 10:20 PM Click to get direct link to this postPost by GomerPyle
Racism and Admin Disrespect. He can come explain himself if he ever wants to be unbanned
1mon 5d 9h 48m ago | 2017-02-17 10:21 PMGomerPyle changed ban duration from 1h [3600 seconds] to permanent [0 seconds]

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