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Minecraft Leadership Applications Now Open

This announcement is no longer active


With Minecraft's recent new found success and support I will need dedicated leadership members willing to run it. As of right now the leadership tree is undecided at this point, but this is here so I can get a line up of who's interested and who's not. The Division Leader role will explicitly be chosen from this group of people who apply by Gaming Divisions.

*Disclaimer* If you are interested in development you will need approval from Development Directors and Gaming Divisions as well. A separate Application will have to be made.

In order for this application to work right now until we get forum set up, you guys will need to send me a PM using the template below:


What is your forum profile link?

How old are you? (13 minimum)

How long have you been HG Member? 

Why are you interested in Minecraft Leadership?

Can you follow our server rules while administrating (I.E not using your admin for your own benefit) 

Would you join the Minecraft division if one was created?


Also with the addition of new roles, I don't see why a Minecraft Division and Official Teamspeak channel (towards the top) wouldn't be possible. Stay tuned!

Note, this structure and process is subject to change as we move forward.


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