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After a long hard fought season of the ESEA, Ours Hellsgamers Intermediate Team is now going to the Grand Finals!


It will be a hard fought match Vs Mild (Aka X-men), But if our Hellsgamers play like they it there last match vs N E R D S. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, by forcing overtime and winning decisively in those last few rounds.


Players like Wampage, Million and rdl have been showing us all season long why they are some of the best players around. Wampage scoring the most frags on his team with an amazing 383 frags! With Million and rdl both sneaking in behind him with 256 and 262 respectively .


These guys have played an Amazing season and playoffs, only being defeated three times in the regular season. Losing only too Mild, KillClutchRepeat, and Charity. As I mentioned above Hellsgamers only losing once in the playoffs unfortunately to mild. They have battled their way back into the Grand Finals from the Lower Bracket finals.


Being a shoutcaster for this team has been an incredible experience, being able to to witness all of their amazing plays, I remember in their playoff game against Visual Zone, Million and Ian throwing Pre-Nades at T Steps on Inferno managing to kill three of Visual Zone's players! In that same match Ian stepped up his game in a horrible 2v1 situation managing to clutch the last round of the half by killing both players and getting the defuse off!


Now as our boys make there way into the grand finals, You should be there to cheer them on!


Good Luck, Have Fun, And Kill them fast!


ESEA team page:



ESEA Playoff Bracket:



Hellsgamers ESEA Event:






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