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EDIT: The Clean up is done. Ty to Master and Soccer :)









Its about that time to clear up our inactive.


The Following recruits are being demoted for not being active in 30 days.




-hg- '> x <'

-hg- ½MAN

-hg- Aaaaflasd

-hg- Acer

-hg- Afreakin Ambush

-hg- bigchoochin

-hg- BornAssassin

-hg- cakedOUT

-hg- Cam.


-hg- Dameon

-hg- DarK*[A]cE

-hg- darkkiller

-hg- Death4Life

-hg- Dewzer

-hg- Diablo

-hg- dmZ

-hg- Doctor Who

-hg- EmoHero

-hg- empreme (rawr) :D

-hg- Frankie


-hg- JI-porto

-hg- JZoreo

-hg- Kasparas.S94

-hg- KermoCo.

-hg- Knoodle

-hg- KriznY

-hg- Leeroy

-hg- Lightrune46

-hg- Machiavelli

-hg- madmac2u

-hg- Malcombb

-hg- Maxx

-hg- Mindcrush

-hg- Mistah Johnson

-hg- Monsta

-hg- Moose

-hg- Mr. Wookie

-hg- N-Oxide

-hg- n0ne

-hg- nameless

-hg- Nasty

-hg- NickXD

-hg- Nighte

-hg- Nomnomnom2

-hg- NoobySaurusRexx

-hg- Phæthon[☢-☣] Smoof

-hg- pivotlord

-hg- pnazzy

-hg- RaZoR-

-hg- React

-hg- red_gangsta

-hg- Rioas


-hg- saysell

-hg- seth117

-hg- shellshockerakn

-hg- Snipester

-hg- Snipsnap

-hg- SpiritoftheWolf

-hg- spyder monkey

-hg- swat251

-hg- TacticalHijack

-hg- Technine

-hg- theblackjesus

-hg- theJOKER

-hg- Thor132

-hg- ThriceCreamMan

-hg- Thunder

-hg- Tim osman

-hg- tru619

-hg- Turkey Sandvich

-hg- Tweakie

-hg- Tyler726

-hg- Undead_lumberjack

-hg- Unified

-hg- unvlilc

-hg- vajonah

-hg- Vannie

-hg- Viiqupaen

-hg- voluME

-hg- Vulpix

-hg- wildcard

-hg- Winzar

-hg- XaviorPenguin

-hg- Xhizors

-hg- ZachG

-hg- Zeb.

-hg- zild3d


The Following members are being demoted for not being active in 60 days.


[HG] [proto]


[HG] Apocolyptica

[HG] articone

[HG] Dj_Karl

[HG] F34rtheV3n0m

[HG] Faerne[HG] Henry

[HG] like a boss

[HG] Magic of Macys

[HG] mangled

[HG] P!G FaT

[HG] Parad0x.

[HG] Phobos

[HG] Riddler

[HG] Sarotti

[HG] SniperWolfMGS

[HG] Tim

[HG] Toilet DUck

[HG] Wyatt



If you see anything wrong with this, please post here :)


They will be demoted later tonight.


I would also like to thank Lackadaisical, Clams, Pwned, and SyNc! They deserve a huge TY for helping me with the roster clean up. jjk is a pretty cool guy.


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