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I'm just glad hes ok

So earlier today when I woke up I heard my Mom calling for my dog Toby. After a while and lots of looking we realized he was gone. We drove around and still nothing. So for hours we just prayed and hoped he would come back. Just about 5 minutes ago we got a call from the shelter saying he was found and is being brought back home. So heres what happend: Now Toby is terrified of storms and there was one last night. Usually when hes inside he sits by the toliet, but when hes outside he runs away practically. Now this happend before, but luckily our neighbor brought him back. So what happend was he was left outside last night and there was a storm and he ran away and almost got hit by a car. He was taken to a shelter and he is currently on his way home now! I'm just really glad hes ok because just a couple months ago my family lost a cat.



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