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Write 1 if you think this blog is awesome, write 2 if you think its awesome, write 3 if you think its awesome, write 4 if you think its awesome, write 5 if you thinks its awesome, write 6 if you think its awesome, write 7 if you think its awesome, write 8 if you think its awesome and write 9 if you think its awesome. Awesome haiku by Dolan: Fuck you yes fuck you Yes i know fuck you too bitcih No no no no okay




So something happened to my pizza

I bought pizza from this pizza chain, Pizza Pizza, and the pizza had olives.then when i started eating i saw that one olive started,moving then i saw that it wasnt an olive, it was a cochroche and i,killed,it   This is why kids should go to school because if school didny exist we woudnt know that olives dont move.




Well, got back from Argentina!

This was 1 week ago but i still want to share it: I just came back from Argentina!, a rugby tour with my team, we played against 3 schools, we won every single match cheers! 42-5 1st match 10-5 2nd match 24-5 3rd match. :p:notrust:



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