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From Acquaintances to Dear Friends




From Acquaintances To Dear Friends

      When I first joined HeLLsGamers I was hesitant about posting on the forums, even on TeamSpeak3 in my first six months, I wasn't sure if people would accept me and I would be able to engage with the community. Slowly but surely, starting with the person who recruited me, Crucible, I began to show more of my personality.

      Within the first two years I became quite vulgar, something I am not proud of, but I believe in being forth right and up front so that the experience although negative still had value when one acknowledges and learns from one's mistakes. From that something special happened in those first two years, although I was being foolish at times, I would end up developing some true and honest friendships that last even still to this day.

      That is why I am writing this, for the newer members and recruits, so they understand why HeLLsGamers is such a wonderful community. If you can check your ego at the door you will find some very interesting and perpetually hilarious individuals. As long as your honest you will really enjoy the community. Even if you make mistakes and find yourself punished in some way, it isn't the end for you. The main thing is what I referenced earlier, honesty. I am not saying it will get you out of trouble! Honesty is important because you have to accept your guilt. We all make mistakes, but whats important is how you deal with it. If you know you broke a rule no matter the context accept it and explain why, but don't push falsehoods, but rather the logic you were working under at the time of your infraction. Whatever the punishment is, accept it, we must accept the consequences and avoid holding grudges with others. It is paramount for us to not get angry or upset, it isn't the end of the world, and it is something to learn from to help you on how you conduct yourself in the future. But do not resign because no one wants anyone to leave, even if they have got into some trouble, we are a positive community, who many wouldn't mind being that shoulder to lean on, that ear to listen to ones problems.

      The HeLLsGamers community is built on acquaintances who love games coming together to have fun, but you will find soon those people become dear friends, and what grows from that is the want to enjoy one an others company. That is the beauty of our community, HeLLsGamers.

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