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Cs:go Jailbreak Map Is Now On The Steam Workshop!


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Steam Workshop lovers rejoice! We have landed!


With the latest update of CS:GO Jailbreak (coming soon for you lot I promise), we've taken the step and made it open to everyone to enjoy (and also have it downloaded before you even join the server so you can get quicker into the action). If you wish to download it right away and not read through the rest of the post (some info there for you nerds who like reading) you can subscribe to the Workshop item here and get instant updates :D Don't forget to rate!


Wait, what does the Steam Workshop mean for us?


Steam Workshop works multi-fold. It allows us to do the following;

  1. Push updates to one central location so that the server and you the client can get updates without the need for Staff intervention.
  2. Allows updates, additions and fixes to be quickly deployed without the need for waiting for VALVe time. We all don't like VALVe time so the less time we have to spend with VALVe time the better.
  3. Provides concrete security versus the potential theft of our maps. The Steam Workshop allows us to be covered by a guarantee that this is our work and our work only. If you're a C:SS oldie, you would remember that our CS:S Jailbreak map was stolen and the Steam Workshop allows us to somewhat prevent that by offering it up for everyone to use without giving the temptation of theft.
  4. I am a secret lover of Steam Workshop. That's reason enough.

So what about us average Joe? What benefit does it give us?


The benefit for normal users are great. Primarily, you get updates of the map on the fly without having to join the server just to update the map. All you need is to have Steam open and if and when we do update it, you'll know straight away. Other than that, it also eliminates some of the download time from the other models etc that you have to download before joining the server.


Sounds great! Where do I go to download it/discuss bugs/fixes?


You can do all of that by going to the Workshop page here and either Subscribing to the piece (if you wanna download it and just mess about in it) and give your opinions by posting feedback in the appropriate thread in the discussion tab!


When will us Jailbreakers get the map?




Here's to the Steam Workshop!


- SKay

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