How My Tf2 Got Ass Blasted


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My Ign is |JMA|Quake

user 0:73953060 or ArkAngelAngel has falsely accused and banned me for aimbot.

- I do not hack

- i have no other vac bans or any other minor server bans either.

i have tried to look at the evidence ArkAngelAngel provided but im not "eligible" or what ever, so i cant see the proof he/she is providing.

I hope you see why its hard for me to understand ArkAngelAngel because i cant see his "proof"

Also, Ark has a thing for falsely accusing people, i just happened to get approved instead of the others that have gotten dissaproved

So if i could have a say in my ban from a server that would be nice! send evidence, or unban me


Not to mention if you were in the game you could see that I was not aim botting or i would have had -killed any one i saw - locked on to people/traced them and would have not been able to be out snipped by the other team....

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