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I had an idea for a while about HG.


What if we set up professional teams to play games such as CS:GO? I think this would be nice because not only will HG have a team, we will all be able to back the team by purchasing stickers, merch and the such. This community has some very skilled gamers, so why not?




Also this is my idea so I get free merch :3

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The main issue was time commitment, lack of dedicated resources, and no management capabilities. Key questions to be answered are: how can this be overseen by leadership? When I was a director, I proposed there be a CS:GO staff position available for someone who wants to be a pro team manager, while the team's sponsors be managed by the corporate partnerships team. This seemed like the most efficient route. Another question is how would the funding work? Most pro teams expect to be paid, but as we know HG doesn't pay any of its members. So how would we pay for jerseys until we get prize money, and how would the prize and sponsorship money be distributed amongst the involved parties?


We had our own team for a bit when I was in leadership, but they flaked out after a while. Another question is, what's preventing the next team from doing the same?

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if we would ever start a new pro team (whatever the game is #minecraft proteam)


we should only choose players from inside of HG who actualy like HG

and dont join it to leave after a tournemant they lose (not droping names)


and asfar as the shirts and stuff go do you need that?

and if so the players can always buy it them selfs.


maybe we could give this a chance in the future

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