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some people asked for this?


Crafting is done by holding the alt key and left clicking on a prop/item to craft with, in the bottom left you can click "Craft with held wep" which will craft whatever item you have with the designated prop/item. If you want to craft two props together left click on the first prop and right click on the second.


From my knowledge here is everything that can be crafted in zs:


Explosive barrel - Gas can + Regular barrel


Do this if you want to make a mega masher!


Megamasher - Sledgehammer + Explosive barrel


190 damage a hit ( VERY SLOW AT ATTACKING. Not enough to kill a normal zombie, nerfed to shit; unusable)


Normal wooden box + Normal wooden box = Bigger wooden box


Useful if you want a bigger prop for a cade but basically useless.


Sawhack - Sawblade + Axe


Very fast fire speed (same as a plank I think, if not a little bit slower) does 30ish damage a hit, good melee weapon, worth crafting.


Double Sawhack - Sawhack + Sawblade


Same as the sawhack but does about twice the damage (VERY WORTH CRAFTING).


Bust on a stick - Breen Statue + Plank


A pretty solid choice for crafting, better than most melee weapons from the pointshop, worth crafting


Electrohammer- Carpenters Hammer + car battery


Ups the repair rate on the hammer and does a bit more damage per swing (Waste of a battery, use the batter on a laser magnum)


Laser magnum- T1 Magnum + car battery


a tier 3 weapon that was removed from the arsenal for being useless (MOST WORTHWHILE CRAFTING ITEM ON THE LIST)


I'm pretty sure you can also make the waraxe handgun which is two battle axes but it's pretty terrible.


If there's anything I missed go ahead and reply with the recipe, I'm sure I did.

Edited by Chiken ಠ ͜�ಠ
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