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Testimonial Guidelines

The Governor

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These are stories shared by members who have joined our community and have been influenced positively during their term. Personal and career growth by being part of this community is not uncommon and these testimonials will inspire you.




1. All new threads must be approved before becoming public.

2. We don't allow replies to threads which represents an individual's testimonial (unless stated otherwise by the author)

3. Only Recruits and above may publish testimonials


Please use this section to provide us your true story and testify how HeLLsGamers has changed or influenced your life in a positive manner. The community cares what you have to share, and we look forward to your input.


We ask that all testimonial threads be as lengthy as possible and any trolling will result in disciplinary action. We're not going to allow replies by members on Recruit + submitted testimonials, rather allow feedback on the interviews posted within the testimonial category.


Testimonial Guidelines


1. If your testimonial thread is denied then do not make a new one.

2. Video testimonials are okay but should also include a decent amount of actual text in the post as well.

3. Grammar and formatting is important so please ensure that your thread adheres to a high standard.

4. We want to read about your positive experiences on HeLLsGamers and possibly how HeLLsGamers has affected your life in a positive manner.

5. Do not submit a testimonial if you are not a Recruit or above.


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