Events 101


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Events 101

This topic will cover basic information about proposing and hosting events and other things.

Hosting Events

  • Anyone may post an event proposal but you must be an HG Member+ to independently host events. Recruits and below will need a leadership member to help co-host.
  • If you're hosting events with HG Recruits and below, you must agree to help them with hosting and also speak with event staff/leaders to get their event setup.
  • There should only be one or two hosts for an event. Anything more than that will require a good reason.
  • If you are unable to attend the event you are hosting, you are required to try and contact the event manager at least a day before the event.

Event Proposals

  • If your event requires a plugin added to one of the event servers, please check with a server manager/division leader or HGDC Director first before posting your event idea.
  • Event leaders will double-check event ideas to make sure the event isn't too complicated to be set up on a server.
  • Every event requires graphics. The GFX team needs at least two weeks to complete your GFX. Keep this in mind when setting up your event date.
  • Keep other events in mind when posting proposals. Try not to place your event when there's already another event on that day, this is to prevent population loss from an event.
  • When an event staff/leader replies to your proposal, you have one week before the event leader has to reject your proposal for inactivity.
  • Every user is allowed to post two event proposals and that's it. This is to avoid overwhelming the events team.

Other Information

  • Every gaming division has a limit of two events per month.
  • Any nonstandard prizes must be restricted to HG Recruit+ unless given special permission from event CEL's.
  • Prize rules are listed here.
  • Forum rules for posting in event proposals.
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