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Rainbow 6 siege guides

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So i'v noticed a lot of people in HG recently picked up Rainbow 6 siege, and since i already make youtube videos, and i'v always kind of wanted to try my hand at making guide videos, i wanted to see if there would be people here interested, i can make guides about what operators you should pick up and why, how to play/Master certain operators you name it.
I'm not a god at the game, but i do have a lot of experience.

So pretty much, if you are interested, feel free to comment here, and if you have a topic you'd like me to make a guide for, make a comment about it.
Most likely the first video i'd make in this series, is a guide for what 5 operators i'd recommend for new players to pick when they are new both for attack and defense, operators that are good and or will help them learn the game.

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