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Apex Legends (not rlly "survival")


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Apex is more of a battle royale but since fortnite and PUBG are here might as well post here to see if anyone plays it still

apex is a BR that consists of trios and duos with 8 free to play select legends you can choose from and more being added every season. I've played apex legends for ever because of its variety in game. every game you play is vastly different because of all the legends you go against. every legend has an ultimate ability, a tactical ability (kind of like Overwatch in a way) and a passive ability. All legends abilities are vastly different and unique and can be used in several ways for any situation you get in. The gameplay consists of two different maps and 60 players per game. All games are fast paced; there's action constantly happening all around the map. no need to run half way across the map just to get sniped.
I highly recommend you try apex legends if you haven't yet.

I've been playing apex ever since it got released and always wanted to know some people who play it frequently too
if anyone does play let me know I'd love to play with some non randoms for once

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