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HG Community Newsletter (July 2021)


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Are you ready kids? Let's see what went down in July!

Welcome to our newest -hg- Recruits:

-hg- 90Angles
-hg- Bennyeo
-hg- bhoplvl10 kxi
-hg- Birdie
-hg- cuckling
-hg- Knoxtane
-hg- RedZone
-hg- Rise Above
-hg- SBear
-hg- stips
-hg- ToxicTurd
-hg- Woogie

Congratulations to the newest [HG] Members:

[HG] froggies093
[HG] milkish

CS:S Division News

Crackhouse Deathmatch has seen a growth in players on recently. If you haven't played in a bit, or at all, you're missing out! Join us for some fun -

We have some updates coming to our server lineup very soon, including the launch of Gungame DM and relaunch of Classic Rotation! Watch out for announcements on their releases.

CS:S is looking for some new Mods to help out! Are you willing to step up to the plate? Send us your mod application if so.

Speaking of Mods, two new ones were promoted recently. Congratulations to Imperial Knight and RedZone on the promotions!

CS:GO Division News

Are you ready for some new Mods? Congratulations to ColinKrengel, Froggies, Gudetama, and Kenji on becoming Jailbreak Mods!

And of course we can't forget King Lime and Sqnch on their promotions to Global Mod! Congratulations guys!

Sources tell me there will be a new wave of Trial Mods announced very soon. Stay tuned for that!

Last, but certainly not least, congratulations to the newest CS:GO Staff member logster004!

GMod Division News

Wanna become a zombie and eat brains? Maybe you want to avoid the zombies at all cost.

Either way, there's a place for you on Zombie Survival! Stop by and play for a while! Connect using zs.hellsgamers.com

Rust Division News

Rust has introduced a new 5x server! It wipes weekly like our 2x server, except on Monday afternoon. Join up and try it for yourself:

Are you looking to help out in Rust? We're looking for Mods to help keep order in the server. Apply here if you're interested.

TF2 Division News

TF2 is shaking things up with their servers soon. What's happening? 2Fort is making a return soon! Be on the lookout for more on that soon.

Want to get more involved and help out? TF2 is looking for Mods! Submit an application if interested.

Community Engagement News

Suburban has joined the Social Media team! Lookout for new videos on our YouTube channel as he creates some bangers for it.

Many events for multiple games are in the works and coming soon. Keep an eye on the calendar so you don't miss out!

Want to be more involved with the HG? HGCE is looking for members! We offer positions in Social Media, Community Events, and Partnerships. Apply today if interested!

Development Community News 

Two newcomers have joined DC as Server Managers. Congratulations and welcome BravoMan (CS:GO) and sqnch (Rust)!

The Server Managers are looking for more members on the team. Apply for it or any other HGDC team by going here.

The former lead of the SM Dev team took a leap of faith to help run HGDC. Congratulations to Malice on getting Associate Director!

Gaming Divisions News

Are you passionate about helping your division grow? Joining divisional leadership is a great way to do just that! Submit a staff application to let us know you are interested.

General Community News 

The 2021 nominations for the HG Elections are going on from August 1 through August 14! Read more about them in this post if interested.

Let's address the elephant in the room: the forum change. As stated in Discord and the password reset email you received, our forums fell victim to an attack. Because of this, you are advised to change your passwords where it is the same as the one used here.

There is a silver lining to the incident. Obviously our website received a facelift with a new theme and noticeable changes including EMOJIS 😱! Some features, such as donations, are currently unavailable and will return in the near future.

On behalf of everyone working hard to get things fixed and adjusted, thank you for your patience and sticking with us.

Shifting our focus, have you seen EddieCam's new PC build? Check out his insane new HeLLsGamers-inspired gaming PC!

As always, we'd like to thank these generous donors from July:

  • Ambassador Spock
  • EddieCam
  • irishmang
  • Klarinet

We appreciate each and every donation to the community! If you'd like to help out, you can do so by going here:

Did you know HG doesn't just exist on the forums? Check out our platforms at the link below!

Check out our HG Discord Servers:

We have more than just the few servers you currently play on! Check out our full list here:

Thank you for reading this month's edition of the newsletter. We'll see you next month!


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On 8/4/2021 at 12:29 PM, sqnch said:

why isnt scorch on here?? 😕 

What bobby said. This was posted a few days into August, but this particular newsletter is a recap of July. I was honestly just lazy which is why it was late 😬

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sadge, still a great newletter tho lmao

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