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HG Community Newsletter (October 2021)


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October in HG was interesting, here's a recap!


Welcome our newest -hg- recruits:

-hg- Woinking
-hg- Visionvert

Sadly no new HG Members this month, but if your eligble go put up a promotion thread!

CS:S Division News:

Come help with defending the Crackhouse on Crackhouse DM! Join in and show them who's boss! connect

CS:GO Division News:

Jailbreak has started to get some more prisoners in, come around and join! connect
There's a lot in the works for CS:GO right now. So stay around for that!

GMod Division News:

GMod has gotten a new DL! Congrats to Train!

Join us on Zombie Survival to play the end of the Halloween event! connect zs.hellsgamers.com:27015

Rust Division News:

Rust's servers are still being worked on but stay around to see what happens!

TF2 Division News:

Come hop on our 2fort server and try to get to the top! connect

Community Engagement News:

First off, congrats to Bert for getting Community Partnerships. Also! Congrats to AllmyhomieshateEmma for becoming Social Media Manager and Suburban for becoming GFX.
We also have Sassy and Sqnch who just joined Community Events!  Lastly, congrats to Scorch (hey that's me) for getting Associate Director of Community Engagement.

Interested in creating graphics or running events? Join HGCE here!

Development Community News:

HGDC has some new addtions, congrats to Smitty and Kylz for becoming Bug Busters. Also congrats to Gianna for becoming web/discord bot developer.
Want to help manage servers or make maps? Apply for HGDC!

Gaming Divisions News:

In case you didn't know, we are merging most of our Discord servers into the main HG discord. If you're not in it already then join here!
Staff is going through a little change and being re-named to Server Advisor with some responsibility changes. If you're interested, apply here!



General Community News:

Thanks to the following people who donated:

  • Rubes
  • Lucas15
  • rebL

We appreciate each donation to the community. Want to support us? Donate here!

Did you know HG doesn't just exist on the forums? Check out our platforms at the link below!

Join the official HG Discord Server:

We have more than just the few servers you currently play on! Check out our full list here:

Thank you for reading this month's newsletter. We'll see you in December!

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