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Escape From Tarkov - : 1-27-23


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After the last patch many people have complained about the overall audio changes and performance of "Streets of Tarkov" In this patch a few fixes were pushed for both as well as a few other fixes. Hope these fixes help get everyone back out there in raids! See you out there!  -Zekk

Patch Notes Here

We've installed a hotfix



  • Adjusted the server system to reduce the rubberbanding and desync on the Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Numerous geometry and lighting fixes on the Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed issues that led to duplication, stuttering, and lack of some sounds with binaural audio enabled;
  • Fixed missing sounds of airplanes and airdrops in some cases;
  • Fixed missing sounds of weapon interactions when the volume of interface sounds is set to 0;
  • Fixed missing bush and container search sounds with binaural audio enabled;
  • Fixed incorrect volume of footstep sounds during crouched and standing movement;
  • Fixed incorrect gym behavior in the Hideout with third-party overlays enabled;
  • Fixed incorrect duration of the muscle pain status;
  • Fixed incorrect weapon sounds for Chiappa Rhino, RSh-12, Benelli M3, AI AXMC, SR-2M, M203 underbarrel grenade launcher, GP-25 underbarrel grenade launcher;
  • Fixed incorrect weight for several items;
  • Fixed incorrect durability of weapons on Rogue bosses;
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for the unlocking of customization options from Ragman;
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of skills in quest rewards;
  • Fixed the ability to apply the effects of some consumables without losing them;
  • Fixed the inability to level up skills above level 50;
  • Fixed several visual artifacts on the Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed incorrect player spawn positions on the Streets of Tarkov location;
  • Fixed incorrect conditions for Jaeger to buy weapons from players;
  • Fixed the incorrect tooltip of unsellable items when switching between screens;
  • Fixed incorrect visuals of NVGs and thermals when changing screen resolution and switching to full-screen mode;
  • Fixed the lack of durability loss when repairing some weapons with repair kits;
  • Fixed the incorrectly working D2 exit on the Reserve location;
  • Fixed the softlock that appeared while interacting with some weapons;
  • Fixed the incorrect calculation of the physical skills level bonus from the Air Filtering Unit zone in the Hideout;
  • Fixed incorrect skill point calculation when using the gym in the Hideout;
  • Fixed several bugs in the dialogue system when interacting with Lightkeeper;
  • Fixed incorrect spawns for Rogues;
  • Fixed the incorrect display of objectives for Lightkeeper quests while in a raid;
  • Fixed incorrect positions of Zryachiy's guards;
  • Fixed the incorrect behavior of the co-op mode settings interface when switching between screens;
  • Fixed the missing localization of some interface elements while in a raid;
  • Added a new 5.56x45 muzzle brake;
  • Fixed incorrect camera behavior while aiming with Chiappa Rhino 200DS.
Edited by Zekk
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