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Escape From Tarkov - Patch Notes - 5-26-23


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Hey Gamers! 

Here we go, BSG is taking another crack at fixing the sound issues that have Plagues Tarkov all year long. They have also "changed how headsets work" They have also taken a good try at fixing flashlights which have been very much buggy for some time now. They are also now making friendly fire kill exp a thing of the past and changing teammate dog tag value to 1 rouble - fixing a problem that no one I have asked knew existed, but good on them if they are closing an exploit of some kind... 

Good luck out there...


We have installed an update containing several fixes and changes.


1. The first iteration of the sound positioning settings on all locations has been completed:

  • Configured the sound system for Lighthouse;
  • Configured the sound system for Interchange;
  • Fixed the main sound issue areas on Reserve and The Lab;
  • Reworked the sound engine for voice lines: the sound is now more realistic, adjusted curves for the volume drop, muffling/transparency of the sound at a distance. Voice lines are balanced in accordance with the loudness of the phrase;
  • Improved active headsets system: lowered the volume level for all headsets, amplified high frequencies for more realistic sound, added functionality that gives some headsets an advantage by increasing the hearing radius of footsteps and voices;
  • Adjusted audio tracks that had sound artifacts (background voices, noise);
  • Fixed the sound effect of concussion which appeared when using Golden Star balm or when stunned by a grenade: the effect is now smoother, the sound of tinnitus is played in stereo mode, without the positioning effect when turning your head;
  • Balanced sound volume for M18 grenade to match other grenades of this type;
  • Fixed an issue with short-term muting of the sound when the sound source transitions between rooms;
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when opening a door where the sound source behind it could sound muffled;
  • Fixed an issue where leaning against a wall would allow you to hear everything in the room behind the wall.


2. Fixed visual bugs when using flashlights:

  • Flashlights no longer shine through walls and other obstacles;
  • Fixed flickering of disabled flashlights on weapons on your back;
  • Fixed brightness and beam range of some flashlights.


3. Bots can no longer instantly rotate while prone.


4. Disabled experience gain for killing and looting players in the same group. Dogtags of such players will be sold to traders for 1 rouble and will not be considered as found in raid.


5. Reduced frequency of bot voice lines and shouting during combat.

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