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Escape From Tarkov - Patch Notes


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Hey gamers, If you want to see some fundamental changes to Tarkov. Here are a few. Although not the full Unity update that was promised, It's a step forward. 


There will not be a wipe with this update.

List of changes:

  • The key goal of the update was to fundamentally change the architecture of player display and synchronization on the client and their connection to the server. The goals that were achieved are:

- Increased the number of network entities in the raid on Streets of Tarkov. In the future, changes are possible on other locations as well;
- Improved the hit registration accuracy;
- Increased the accuracy of positioning (position matching) of players on the server and the client;
- Reduced the chance of desync with the server;
- Network traffic optimization;
- Memory consumption optimization.

  • Major update to Oculus Spatializer - fixed positioning issues that could occur with a large number of audio sources playing at the same time.
  • Weapon sound adjustments - now the sounds of gunshots sound more volumetric, but with sound positioning retained. Fixed sharp jumps from mono to stereo.
  • Adjusted the interior reverb sounds when the character is wearing active headsets.
  • Balancing changes:

- Reduced damage to blacked-out limbs by 30%;
- Slightly increased blunt damage.

  • Reworked the bot spawn system in practice mode. Now the number of bots is more accurate in relation to the selected settings.

List of fixes:

  • Fixed the incorrect functioning of culling in some places on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed practice mode settings getting reset when reopening the settings window;
  • Fixed bots not spawning in practice mode if the raid settings menu was not opened prior to starting the raid;
  • Fixed the display signature of thermal sights showing through the weapon;
  • Fixed the incorrect distance at which weapon flashlights stop being visible;
  • Fixed the visual artifacts when changing the field of view while in raid;
  • Fixed and optimized the rendering of glass and transparent objects on Streets of Tarkov;
  • Fixed the cause of stutters in some specific areas on locations, which could occur during the calculations of sound occlusion;
  • Fixed a bug where opened doors could muffle sounds, or vice versa - be fully hear-through and have no effect on sound in a closed state;
  • Player Scavs with high reputation no longer lose Fence reputation if they kill the Rogue bosses;
  • Fixed a rare bug where bosses or their guards would freeze after throwing a grenade;
  • Road decals are no longer superimposed on dropped items, equipment, and weapons.

This update does not include the Unity version update. In the near future, we plan to publish an updated release roadmap for this year, which will include a game engine update, content patches, and more.

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