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Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Brick Tamland

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An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed floating 'Bonus' label in the middle of the screen while working on certain contracts
  • Updated the Clown's Cover-Up to fix some clipping issues, fix the LODs, and update the equip_region
  • Updated the Celestial Summit Unusual effect to reduce the particle count
  • Updated the Potion Explosion Unusual taunt effect to remove the delay when starting the effect
  • Updated glowing eye materials on Voodoo-Cursed Souls and Übercharged players with community fixes from Liam Stone (boba)
  • Updated the Carry-Van
    • Fixed the rigging on the straps to avoid clipping when running
    • Fixed misplaced ambient occlusion on the material
    • Fixed rim mask being black in places it wasn't supposed to
    • Fixed a hole in-between the window and top of the van
    • Fixed LODs to represent above changes
  • Updated the Dead Man's Party Unusual taunt effect
    • Added fades to hand sprites
    • Improved effect composition on fast-moving taunts
    • Fixed some particle sorting issues
  • Updated cp_lavapit_final
    • Fixed a skybox exploit in the underworld
  • Updated pl_spineyard
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to get outside of the map
    • Fixed missing cubemaps
  • Updated pl_corruption
    • Replaced some of the materials and models
    • Adjusted collisions near some wooden beams by point A
    • Adjusted prop fades
    • Fixed some minor texture issues
    • Fixed teleport trigger in one of the spawn rooms being too late to activate
    • Minor adjustments to improve your sanity
  • Updated cp_degrootkeep_rats
    • Fixed players getting stuck in the door when entering the Rabbit Hole at the same time as an enemy player
    • Fixed a hidden perch in the balcony overlooking C
  • Updated arena_perks
    • Replaced the Cloaking perk with the Patience perk (gain up to 7 health/sec)
    • Fixed missing barricades in the voting area
    • Fixed certain items having missing textures on the map
    • Removed crumpkins (with help from LizardOfOz)
    • Fixed stalemates causing extra rounds where no perks would appear
    • Added a new HUD, with an alive player counter
  • Updated zi_murky, zi_atoll, zi_devastation_final1, zi_woods, and zi_sanitarium
    • If a game is in progress and there are no players on BLU team or RED team the game will now end
    • Fixed a bug that allowed Dead Ringer spies to die without triggering a round loss
    • Fixed a bug that caused Zombies to not see combat text correctly
    • Fixed a bug that caused Rocket Launchers and Sticky Bomb Launchers to start with a low ammo
    • Fixed a bug that caused changing player loadout to kill human players (particularly on Murky)
    • Fixed an issue with missing particle effects for Medic's Heal ability
    • Adjusted the number of Zombies selected at round start for low player counts
    • Corrected unintended changes in the last update
      • Changed the damage dealt by Zombie Soldier's Stomp

        • In the previous update, Soldier would instantly kill his stomp target. This was not intended.
        • The new damage calculation is (10 + fall damage x 3). This is the same as the Mantreads.
      • Changed the Sentry Gun to deal 40% damage to Zombies

        • In the previous update, this was 35%. This was not intended.
      • Added a sound effect to Pyro's explosion of flames on death
      • Removed some debug print statements
    • Reworked Demoman's Blast Charge to fix several exploits and bugs

      • These changes should also make Blast Charge more reliable and less frustrating to use
    • Blast Charge is now triggered based on the player's velocity
      • When player's speed drops below a threshold while charging, they explode
      • Additionally, anything that would usually interrupt a shield charge will now trigger the explosion
    • Fixed a bug that caused ÜberCharge applied by Blast Charge to persist longer than intended
    • Fixed a bug that caused Blast Charge to fail to kill the player in situations where the player should be killed
    • Fixed a bug that caused Blast Charge to briefly display the player's first person view before detonation
    • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be unable to attack, jump or duck after surviving Blast Charge
    • Fixed many bugs that caused Blast Charge to fail to detonate
    • Fixed many bugs related to Blast Charge being cast at the same time as being converted to Zombie
  • Updated zi_atoll (additional changes)
    • Fixed the missing texture on the turbine building's roof
    • Added areaportals and occluders in and around buildings
    • Added extra nodraw brushes under the level and buildings to improve vis calculations
    • Added prop fades on bushes and rocks
    • Adjusted push triggers on trees
    • Minor clipping adjustments
    • Changed func_brush on roofs to func_movelinear so that corpses don't fall through
    • Added soul gargoyle spawns
    • Added a santa hat that spawns on the anchor when smissmas holiday is enabled
    • Fixed cubemap reflection issues
    • Fixed the seam between the 3D skybox and the playable level
    • Aar fed the spinning cat
  • Updated zi_devastation_final1 (additional changes)
    • Replaced sewer exit to the 2nd floor with a ladder
    • Changed sewer exits to no longer require crouching/prop jumps
    • Fixed missing respawn trigger in the sewers
    • Adjusted spawn positions of Zombies and Survivors
    • Fire now ignites players
    • Adjusted lighting in sewers to be slightly brighter
    • Reduced round timer to 3 minutes
    • Lit up 2nd floor car corner

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