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Team Fortress 2 Update Released

Brick Tamland

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An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Fixed the Pyro's right hand c_model not drawing correctly
  • Fixed The Razorback not being displayed in the 3D HUD player model and the loadout preview (community fix from gidi30)
  • Fixed the Engineer's Destruction PDA using the wrong animation in the 3D HUD player model (community fix from gidi30)
  • Fixed naming conflicts between the plr_hacksaw and plr_hacksaw_event localization strings
  • Updated the Scruffed 'n Stitched cosmetic item to fix a paint problem with the second style
  • Updated the display name for the Trench Warefarer cosmetic item to Trench Warfarer
  • Updated the Strasbourg Scholar cosmetic item
    • Fixed cross-cosmetic clipping
    • Fixed triangulation mismatch on pants and resulting rig issue
    • Fixed LOD bone collapse error
    • Fixed minor UV stretching on LODs
  • Updated pl_frontier_final
    • Fixed Engineers being able to build in Red's final spawn room
  • Updated plr_hacksaw
    • Fixed non-zero roll on spectator cameras
    • Fixed Erroneous clip brushes
    • Simplified and merged door frames across the map to have fewer obstructions
    • Removed some cover on each team's balconies that preventing being able to spam sentries
    • De-cluttered finale roof so that you can travel from balcony-to-balcony
    • Lowered rocks between middle and the finale
    • Adjusted prop fades
  • Updated ctf_turbine_winter
    • Fixed issue with teleporters exploding when players used them in the vents
    • Added extra ammopacks in the intel hallways
    • Fixed cubemaps having odd reflections in the center area
    • Adjusted clipping in the center area
    • Added neutral Train Camera so you can enjoy the Slay Ride
    • Added small details
  • Updated pl_emerge
    • Fixed some malformed geometry in Blu's first spawn
    • Fixed unintentional perch point just outside Blu's first spawn
  • Updated pl_camber
    • Clipped sewer grate
    • Disabled rock collision
    • Increased Red respawn room
    • Improved clipping
    • Blocked off a sightline on the final point
  • Updated cp_brew
    • Fixed missing collision on red arrow outside Red's first spawn
    • Fixed missing flatbed truck trailers outside of the diner
  • Updated koth_snowtower
    • The control point is now more closed-off
    • Slightly extended the cover on the lower balconies on both sides
    • Moved the ammo from the control point to the higher platform of the central tower
    • Fixed z-fighting on the lower ramps on both sides
    • Changed from toolsblockbullets2 to toolsplayerclip for the tree's clipping near the crossing
    • Updated menu photos
  • Updated koth_krampus
    • Fixed minor visual issues
    • Fixed Krampus' unique boss bar randomly getting replaced with the default one
    • Fixed people getting stuck or telefragged when taking the Krampus portal
    • Krampus' landing sound is now more audible
    • Krampus now correctly destroys all buildings in his way
  • Updated cp_carrier
    • Adjusted fade distances of some areaportals
    • Adjusted Blu team's respawn times
    • Extended Blu team's respawn room
    • Fixed hud text overlapping
    • Fixed soundscapes not working correctly
    • Fixed objective text not displaying properly
    • Fixed the ability for the carrier to pick up restricted weapons
    • Fixed players not becoming the carrier while standing on the platform as it resets
    • Announcer's bomb voice lines no longer play after the bomb has been deployed
    • Half-Zatoichi kills now restore 25% of the carrier's health instead of 50%
    • Added 25% crit resistance to the carrier
    • Added overtime while there is a carrier
    • The carrier's health bar now displays their class icon
    • Decreased size of the frog

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