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Updates/bug Report/suggestions (Changelog)


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Epoch Chernarus -


February 2, 2014------

Updated: Epoch 1.0.4


December 15, 2013------

Updated: Epoch

Updated: Antihack

Updated: Strings for faster processing

Updated: Wasteland Missions.

Updated: Hardware.

Updated: Base Building Improvements and Enhancements.

Updated: New vehicles.

Updated: New Weapons.

Updated: New Events.



October 29, 2013------

Updated: Antihack

Updated: Epoch to

Updated: AI Missions


October 21, 2013------

Updated: Added several custom bases

Updated: Updated Anti Hack permissions

Info: Updated Rules for Admins.



October 16, 2013------

Updated: Server IP change

Updated: New Database

Info: All vehicles, items, characters, buildings have been reset.


October 15, 2013------

Updated: DayZ

Updated: DayZ Epoch

Updated: Antihack and Tools


September 27, 2013------

Updated: HGBANS

Updated: Antihack and tools.

Updated: Added AI.

Updated: Self Bloodbag

Updated: Auto Refuel

Updated: Default Custom Loadout

Fixed: Battleye restrictions.


September 12, 2013------

Updated: Antihack and tools.

Updated: Added AI.

Updated: Added Towing and Heli Lift.

Fixed: Battleye restrictions.








2/3/2013 - Fixed an issue with the Database not grabbing a loadout.

2/7/2013 - Fixed modules to allow them to be disabled.

2/8/2013 - Fixed the DayZ Commander showing as grey instead of white.

2/8/2013 - Arma2 OA Beta pach is 10480 instead of 10296.

2/15/2013 - Fixed #44 script restriction.

2/22/2013 - Fixed BE kicks for improper reasons.

2/22/2013 - Fixed kicks when you die.

2/22/2013 - Fixed MPEventHandler kicks.

2/22/2013 - Fixed startout gear.

2/22/2013 - Fixed the DayZ CP.

2/22/2013 - Enabled Blood Suckers and EVRs (There is a lot more blood suckers in v0.74)

2/22/2013 - Added a bat file to re-spawn vehicles 10 seconds before restart.

3/12/2013 - Donator Loadout

3/12/2013 - FIxed an issue when trying to repair a vehicle.




Not In-Progress-





If you would like to make a suggestion that will help improve the server in anyway, please make a post with some information, and legible so I can understand what you're getting at.


Suggestion Added: Antihack -This Antihack stops 97% of all hacks out, it prevents injections, scripts, windows, scroll menus, and many other types and forms of hacks/scripts. This antihack is updated regularly with every new hacking coming out.


#Bug Reports#

BE Kick- (Were you kicked for a restriction for no reason?)
BE Kick #-
Extra Info- (What were you doing when it happened?)

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#Known Bugs# (As of 23/12/2013)

  • The You marker on the Map is currently broken.
  • AI sporadically doesn't show client side.
  • After a 30 Meter plot is placed and after death, the plot belongs to no-one (Not a bug by itself). However it makes it impossible to place a new plot without first moving/deleting the old one. Impossible to general populous.
  • Intermittently jobs done client side (i.e building, placing stuff in storage etc.) seem to take a while to take effect server side.
  • Duping of objects for dealers (Blocking off certain areas and traders for example) (Temporary fix of deleting the dupes has been found)
  • Missions that involve prizes of HMMWV's and/or APC's of any kind disappear after the mission is complete.


Colour Coding :


Finding the cause


Cause known, fix in progress




More bugs are being added as they are found.

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