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Interested In Coaching? Or Being Coached?


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Hellsgamers is searching for coaches of all skill levels! I'll do my best to keep this simple, if you're interested in coaching players please post a thread with the title prefix being [Entry-level] [intermediate] [Advanced] based off of what you're going to be teaching.


[Entry-level] coaches will be teaching players that are brand-new or have a very low understanding of Dota 2 and its mechanics. These coaches must have patience with the pupils because we all know Rome wasnt built in a day, this games has a ridiculous skill curve compared to other games.


[intermediate] coaches will be helping players that have basic knowledge and understanding of the game mechanics. These coaches will do their best on helping you with map awareness, positioning, and understanding other champions.


[Advanced] coaches must have competitive experience or be a veteran of the game. They will be teaching competitive play-style, team comps, and how to really understand the 1-5 role being able to break it down so players can make a smooth transition from simple pub games to high level competitive play.


If you're looking to get into dota, or simply trying to make the bridge from being an Intermediate player to being a very serious competitive player you may also post a thread to look for a coach.


Depending on the success that coaching brings to the community, the coaches who put fourth the most time and effort in advancing our members will be compensated in some way for their expertise.

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What about League of Legend coaches? If you would want some of that I could put myself out there to be one, I would be able to learn players that are in the sectors Entry-level and Intermediate.

Can say more about my experience if you want me.

Speak to StyleZ or Kalron, they handle League and would be able to help you out with that.

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Are there any competitive level coaches?

I don't feel I'm struggling as an individual, but I only have like 2k solo MMR and I can't seem to bring it up. I have hopes of playing at the competitive level but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.


Sure man, I'll [Advanced] coach you! We could accomplish a lot together.

I'll go over the following:

Winning in solo MMR

Advanced ganking

Decision Making

1-5 Roles + Teamfight positioning.

Making your hero builds flexible.

Making a good team composition.


Most importantly, TAKING THE ADVANTAGE!

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Well I decided to return, sorry for that, and would love to be coached myself in the ways of a good Dota 2 player. Yea the pretty basics I got down but am still bad in playing all Heroes due to lack of allies to play with on my end. So anyone willing to help me is appreciated.


And well if nobody would like to aid all is fine here. Am just glad if theres chance to play with People on Dota 2 at chances.

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