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      25 Apr

    Join CS:GO MG! This server has been dead for too long, and we need to change that fact! Put connect in console and join up!

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      24 Apr

    Is it just me or is everything in life has been cancerous at least once?

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Awpwnage Vs. Hellsgamers 5V5 Scrim

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1. What clan or organization do you represent?

2. Who will be your person of contact?
Me or Hunger (Steam URLs below)

Dinkleswerve (Me): http://steamcommunit...61198006594675/
Hunger: http://steamcommunit...61198083493992/

3. What game do you want to challenge us in?

4. When would you like to schedule the event?
1-3 weeks from now (Time very flexible)

5. Anything you would like to tell us about your clan/organization?
We just recently got a scrim team set up, and we would like to test our metal against another group of strong players.



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Fite me ;)

Posted Image

thanks mizz love u 3>Posted Image

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thanks exite :))



    Retired Leadership

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I'd LOVE to play. There are definitely 5 (if not, more) people better than me but my schedule is pretty open and im pretty good :)

Spoiler: quotes

Posted Image

You know that feeling when you're taking a shit and you just start screaming?

Thanks to Wabbit and ShadowHuntress (respectively) for the sigs!



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Oh nice I'm trash so I won't play. but I would be interested to see what happens!



    I Make Bad Choices

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Gmod can join... right? ;_;
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Spoiler: Anime



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Just so you are aware CSS leadership is discussing your scrim proposal and they'll get to you shortly.

Icawn said:

7:38 PM - HG | Icon <3 Sui 4 ever: I am a manwhore

Nipple said:

i wanna screw suicide too

Muse said:

And HG got me laid, too, brah. Suicide all night.

(Headband)(EG) said:

Y u so sexy?


misc [10:48 PM] what is OG?

sirius [10:51 PM] Original Gangster

misc [10:52 PM] ok, still no idea what you're talking about

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Posted Image

Posted Image


[HG] Suicide #GCR: remember all the things that you and I did first
[HG] Suicide #GCR: and now your doing them with her
HG | DIAMELO [A]: wrong chat?
[HG] Suicide #GCR: i dont give a shit no one else can have ya
[HG] Suicide #GCR: i want you back
HG | DIAMELO [A]: i dont understand


9:20 PM - HG | Archer: i dont get ur logic lol
9:20 PM - HG | Archer: u silly white boy

9:32 PM - HG | Archer: why u keep saying mine? im single
9:32 PM - HG | Archer: single lady



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Im down to play
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Posted ImagePosted Image Posted Image


HG | Archer [S]: arthur, i think i love you, not like snail love, but like brother love




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+1 I'm in...

Edited by ᴠᴇɴσм™, February 4 2016 - 08:03 AM.



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Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


~~Want To Join HG Apply Today!~~

~~Want To Help HG Servers Run Smoothly Purchase Admin Today!~~

~'Someone Abusing There Power, Or Do You Feel Someone Is Bullying You, [Be Cautious When Doing This] Report Abuse Here'~



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no gmoders

Edited by Spazer, February 9 2016 - 09:31 PM.

Merely Existing.....
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Spazer: Guess which country I live in
HowSuperTerrible: Manchester?
Spazer: Manchester is a city not a country *facepalm*
HowSuperTerrible: oh

Posted ImagePosted Image



    HGCE Staff (Community Events) | CS:S Moderator

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Havent seen any clan and/or community challenge HG in a long time. Excited to see this happen if CS:S leadership will accept

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Posted Image

Thanks Past <3

Posted Image

Thanks UnPrePared_!

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Counter-Strike: Source Division's Crackwhore



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What ever happened to this? Did we accept their scrim?
Posted Image
-Thanks to Shadowhuntress

View PostWeeman, on November 30 2015 - 10:12 PM, said:

What blows my mind is a few people I've viewed their profile and they are around the age of 17.  I don't recall being that much of a fucking drama sponge at that age but then again I had friends and wasn't socially retarded.

View PostDeathShot, on June 30 2014 - 10:19 PM, said:

This isn't a reunion for cheaters to discuss thread. You can get VAC banned for shitty scripts too.

View PostSkeletalElite, on March 3 2015 - 09:29 PM, said:

someone is trying to get their 10 posts for member

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Posted Image Sig made by: #define Thanks! ^___^
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I'd ban a bitch for you. -Nite

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