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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner



thanks to[HG | Silly [D] for GFX





Hello Friends PUBG has a event going on, so as a community lets have some fun with some team deathmatch.


Rules for entering our raffle are following:


1. Must have a screenshot of you and your team of 5



2. Must show proof you were in the gamemode (I recommend the Chicken Dinner or Better Luck Next Time Screen)

3. Must link the images to the front page article. (A.K.A Here)

4. All basic rules for HG Apply



Who can play

Friend of HG to Council


Since the gamemode was canceled for now. You can use a custom gamemode to complete this challenge.



Rules for the gamemode go here:





Prizes will be Raffled off and are:

2 Gold Accounts

2 Vip Accounts

10,000 Credits

How to submit for a raffle spot:



Now as a example for submitting yourself for a raffle. Here how I want it and you can post as many screenshots but I want TS3, Ingame Team, and 1 Winner, or Better Luck Next Time. <-- Like this please.


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