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League of Legends: Getting to MMR of Your Dreams

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The world of online gaming is one of the most diverse and creative environments you will ever see. Due to the prevalence of the internet, people are getting into it more than ever before. There was a time when people only thought if online games as a hobby meant for “nerds” who need to “find a life”. However, the online gaming community rose into prominence when stadiums began filling in just to watch people play various games. There is an actual following depending on what you like to do, and even some international brands started to capitalize on that. It has been a great decade for gaming and will continue to do well for the next few years.

If you think about online gaming, there are a few that can be considered as internationally recognized by the community. There is one type that has been very dominant in the scene though: MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It is a rather simple premise. Two teams made up of at least 5 players choose their characters and fight to the death in a virtual arena. Whoever conquers the objectives or has the most kills wins the game. Some people consider it the American football of gaming, as it is the most well-known genre. Read more about them here.

However, unlike the traditional way that sports are organized, each of them has their different developers and participants. You can consider each a “game” as a sport, and there are amateurs and professionals as well. It is a large world in the virtual gaming universe, and to focus on just one is a must in order for you to fully understand what is going on. Learning through each of the games can be considered as a full on college course on its own. However, the only difference is the experience is the best and your only teacher. 


Journey Into The LOL Community


One of the most famous MOBAs of today is League of Legends. Developed by California based company Riot Games, it is reminiscent of the original Defense of the Ancients. They have just celebrated 10 years of the game last October 2019. It has gone through various iterations every two weeks. This way of updating lets the players feel like they are in a new game altogether. It has garnered 67 million monthly users this year and their numbers continue to grow. There are also a lot of creators online especially in YouTube that serves as an advertisement for the game.

Now, how do you play League of Legends? To call the entire process complicated might be a bit of an understatement. There are a lot of terminologies that you need to know like ganking, laning and other strategies. You also need to familiarize yourself with lanes. Each character also has their own specific niche that they fulfill and they have different skills as well. You also need to learn the items and what each of them does to that specific character. 

There are times that you need to adapt to the environment of the game and learn the different interactions with each character. Some classes of characters are great with a certain team composition. You also need to be updated with the patches because there are always changes every two weeks. To learn more about the basics, click here: https://kotaku.com/a-beginner-s-guide-to-league-of-legends-1703090875


Boosting Through the Ranks


However, what people really care about when they play the game is to go on rank. This is the time when you can prove your skills to other users and reign supreme. There are different ranks namely from beginner to expert: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Challenger, Master, and Grand Master. This is also known as MMR or match making rating. Each of these divisions have 4 tiers and you have to battle it out with other players for you to advance to the next division. This can be quite tough, especially on the higher ranks. This is why a lot of people look into “boosting” to help them reach the rank of their dreams. 

Boosting or elo boosting is the process by which a person gives his or her own account (the boostee) another or better player (the booster). This person will then play the game for the boostee until they reach the desired MMR. After that, the booster will give the account to the boostee so now he or she is in a better MMR. Now, why should you consider this? Even though it is technically not allowed by Riot Games, there are a lot of people who really want to be in the higher ranks. 


Common Reasons Why Gamers Want To Rank


1. Play with friends of higher rank

LOL boosting has been very common mainly because people just want to have the higher rank without all the grinding or hard work. However, there are some gamers who just want to play with their friends who already have a higher MMR. They can rank up together and enjoy the game. Coordination and teamwork is really necessary especially in the higher ranks, and having friends play the same game improves your own performance as well.


2. Get that Victorious Skin and other freebies by the end of the season

Every year or season of League of Legends, there are usually giveaways at the end of the season. It is a way for Riot Games to thank the participants and appreciate their efforts in playing as best as they could. For those who really excelled, they give special rewards. Those who reached at least Gold can have an exclusive skin specifically designed by Riot for that year. On the other hand, those who became Grand Masters by the end of the season will be given a special gift by the developers, delivered right to their homes. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you received even just one of these? 


3. Training against better opponents

Another way that boosting may help is through experiencing better players. After all, it would be best to play with someone who already knows a lot about the game. You can study how they play certain characters or roles and what do they do better than those in the lower elo. Sure, you can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube by League content creators. It would be best if you can see it for yourself. 


4. Escape “Elo Hell”

As League of Legends is a team online sport, you really need to play with your teammates and do the best that you can as a team. You can try to carry or take over the whole game by being a lot stronger than others, but this is not the case most of the time. It can be quite difficult to get out of the “elo hells” Iron and Bronze without some form of help. Boosting can help you get through that and play with better players who can also teach you on how to play better.



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I truly like "League of Legends." I've been playing this PC game for a few years now, and I appreciate how Riot Games keeps adding fresh stuff to the series. Even though the title is difficult to comprehend at first, battles are rather exciting after you master the foundations of the instalment. Each round is a thrilling action RPG game in which you must demolish the enemy team's headquarters. If you like developing tactics, you will enjoy playing "League of Legends." I've also been utilising the Pirate Bay online game boosting service, which has helped me rank quicker in league of legends, as well as hs boosting and fifa 22 boosting, which are both amazing; check out their website for more details.

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