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Why Use High Quality Playing Cards For Game Night

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Playing card games during family nights or intimate gatherings have always been a tradition. It’s like a universal ice breaker. It doesn’t matter how familiar or indifferent you are to a group of people. You just all start playing Trump or Old Maid and it seems like you’ve known each other forever. Card games are definitely a great way to connect and bond with others. Here’s a cool list: https://entertainment.howstuffworks.com/leisure/traditional-games/10-family-friendly-card-games.htm.

Diversity of Card Games Worldwide

As for the types of games played, it varies per region. However, I would like to point out that many card games have the same variation. They just have different names in different countries. So if ever you get to play with someone who is not from your side of the world, you might be surprised how fast they can catch up with the mechanics. 

Chances are that they have a similar card play in their own country. After all, there is only one too many mechanics you can use for playing. Most of the time, it’s a game of pattern, luck, or memory. But it can also be quite challenging, especially when you play against others in a game of wit. It is fun how you can strategize or use different techniques to get the upper hand in the group. 

More often than not, what starts as a random and friendly suggestion of a game can turn into a full-blown competition among friends and family. I guess people just have that sense of competitiveness within them, no matter how dormant. When challenged, it just oozes out naturally and before you know it, you’re like this raging lion trying to come out on top. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to be competitive every once in a while – especially when you’re with good company that believes in healthy competition among friends as well. Check this out, for instance. 

Instead of worrying about the highly competitive atmosphere, you should be more worried about this one thing:

Can your deck last through game night?

Why Choose High Quality Playing Cards


Game nights can get really heated and competitive in an instant. If you have a crazy big number of participants, you will need more decks as well – a single one can only accommodate 4 or 5 people depending on the play after all. As the games go on, the deck will soon feel the tear and wear of all the shuffling. 

If you’re not using quality cards, chances are they will start rotting before you even reach the peak of your fun during game night. If the deck gives up before the players are even close to getting their fill of the fun, then it can really ruin the whole thing for everyone. This is why you need a good deck that can withstand the heated competition for hours. 

Also, if you’re using them for drinking games, like for King’s Cup for example, you might also want to consider getting a waterproof deck. With all the insane fun going on and people getting drunk all over, a few spills are to be expected. If you’re using an ordinary pack of paper-thin cards, a little water or beer spill can instantly ruin the deck and consequently ruin the fun for the whole gang. Some will start tearing or fading which makes it easier to tell them apart from the rest of the deck. This would definitely kill the excitement of the game. 

If you don’t want a plain, low-quality deck of cards ruining your social events, it’s best to invest in high quality playing cards that are sure to last through the night. Even if the cards don’t get spilled on, they can naturally absorb the moisture that comes from our palms. This makes them bloat overtime. This is why professional casinos have to change the deck they’re dealing every few hours or so. 

Don’t let a bad set of cards ruin the exciting night you have planned out for everybody. A good deck may not just even last through the night – it might last till the next gaming sessions you and your buddies will have. I say it’s a more practical choice even if it does mean having to pay a bigger buck!  




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