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Women and online games




Women and online games are not exactly two peas in a pod. Or so we thought. The term gamer traditionally signifies a male player. It’s wrong for several reasons, not just the obvious ones. Even though most gamers are male, female gamers are not a myth. In fact, many women like to play games on their computers, and they’re especially into gaming on the go.

Online games have found their way on the market pretty quickly. With the rise of online casinos, online slots and video games are more available than ever. No matter what you think, women love online games, with many girls spending a nice portion of their free time spinning their fave slots on their smartphones or playing bingo.

What Attracts Women to Online Games?

Although women have been regarded as a minority when it comes to online gaming in the past, this peculiar relationship is attracting a lot of academic attention now. Studies have been conducted on the gender ratio and surprisingly, women account for nearly half of all gamers. This translates to all types of games – for every type of male player, you will find a female counterpart.

The same can be said for online casino games. Casual online casino games might not have struck you as an attractive pastime for women, but they really are. What ties women and online games the most is the social aspect. You’ll see many women enjoying online social games – the number may be even greater than male social gamers. As we mentioned, the social aspect is one of the key factors that brings women and online games together, just like the competition between friends or total strangers these games offer.

Genre Preferences Between Genders

The types of online games male and female players prefer differs. While men are generally more interested in competitive online games as well as fantasy games, shooters, and obviously sports, women are more inclined to play Match-3 games, puzzle games, and family and farming simulators.

When it comes to online casino games, women tend to prefer video slots and online bingo sites. This is nothing new – bingo has been considered a female game for years. Bingo and scratch cards are actually the only two markets dominated by females, with all other casino games being preferred by men.

According to statistics, the split between male and female players is 35%-65%, which is a big difference. This is why the online casino industry targets women with bingo games – brands often use bright and girlish colours for their online bingo sites in order to attract the fairer sex.

What Does the Future Hold?

By improving their games and adding new features such as chat in online bingo rooms, operators can hope an even greater influx of female players. Being a game aimed at women, mobile bingo will find its place among young women. Most women who play bingo online are aged 18-40 according to statistical data, so the myth about bingo being a game for grannies is invalid.

As more and more women become interested in online casino games, we expect the number of female gamers to rise in the coming years. For now, women rule the world of online bingo, and that is more than enough.

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