CS:S Gungame Returns

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Time to put your skills to the test

Gungame has been around HG in the past. Today, I'm excited to announce it has returned to CS:S with some fun features and over 50 maps!

Deathmatch and turbo mode are enabled to make the game fun and fast-paced.

You also have 1 throwing knife each life, so use it to your advantage.

Oh, and because grenade kills can be tedious, we've put tape on them so they'll stick to players!

Come join us and prove you are the dominant player!

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1 hour ago, KikkoMan said:

So excited for the future of Gungame! Maybe we can have some events? :pepper:

you already know I will be doing some cool events!

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The server is great, it really brings something different to do in the css division.
Thank you to everyone who worked on the server, wether you helped to get it setup or gave a feedback!

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