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It's that time again, another garrys mod division event! But this time with a slight twist. As our PERP server has been picking up greatly on players recently we thought it would be a great idea to give the darkrp events a break and move onto some perp events. This event will be on a unlocked server and will be completely public.This event will consist of two competitions, a race and a massive brawl in suburbs.

Event 1 - Evocity Race

This event will consist of a race throughout the whole of the evocity map. It will start outside the suburbs go all around the evocity roads and then the end will be near the place you started from, these starting and finishing areas will be marked out.


1. No shortcuts, keep to the road at all times

2. At the start of the race slow cars will be at the front and fast at the back (You will be placed by Vao)

3. Do not get out or shoot other vehicles.

4. Contact with other cars is allowed

5. Fixing your vehicle if it breaks down is allowed

6. You must be in teamspeak to compete.

7. You must be a citizen, no government workers can compete.

8. Listen to staff at all times.

9. Follow regular PERP MOTD.

10. Before being told to go no car bashing

11. If you die somehow you may not rejoin the race.

Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification, kick or ban.


Event 2 - Suburbs Brawl

This next event will a brawl in the suburbs housing square, where walls will be blocked off and there will be no way out, except death. Any players who would like to play in the brawl after the race will need to request access through teamspeak. After all the players have been teleported inside the housing area, Vao will allow you to find places to hide throughout the area (houses will be unlocked and you will be able to place 2 props to protect yourself) then after 5 minutes of hiding Vao will count down from 3 and the brawl will start. The last one standing wins.


1. No propblocking yourself into corners/areas

2. No shooting until Vao says so.

3. After dying, do not attempt to reenter.

4. No cars allowed

5. Must be inside teamspeak to play

6. Teaming up is allowed, but there can only be one left standing.

7. Only citizens, no government workers can compete

8. Listen to staff at all times.

9. Follow normal PERP MOTD

Breaking any of these rules will result in disqualification, kick or ban.

When: February 11 2012

6:00 EST

5:00 CST

3:00 PST

11:00 GMT


See more details and RSVP here


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