HG Community Newsletter (February 2021)

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Welcome to the February 2021 edition of the community newsletter! The short month saw a handful of updates, including a brand new division. 

First and foremost, let's give a warm welcome to our newest -hg- Recruits:

-hg- BasherBrotato8
-hg- black swan
-hg- Cookie
-hg- Dingle Bringus
-hg- Edu2k
-hg- Frank1
-hg- fredwin
-hg- Imperial Knight
-hg- InvisiBrony
-hg- KingLime
-hg- Lender
-hg- memes4life69
-hg- NinjaFox
-hg- Punk
-hg- Rains
-hg- Sansonkill5s
-hg- Sigma
-hg- T_owner
-hg- The Dude
-hg- Vsco Ethan Bradberry

And let's congratulate our newest [HG] Members:

[HG] Del
[HG] Holograms
[HG] renbole
[HG] Shadowguard
[HG] -Shift-


CS:S Division News

CS:S made some updates and changes to the new recruits guide for the division. You can check it out yourself by going here.

Crackhouse continues to boom as old and new players funnel in to play. Join up and play for a while!

Speaking of servers, CS:S leadership wants to hear your server suggestions! If you have a server you'd like to see added to our lineup, let us know by replying to this thread

Lastly, the CS:S division has some new Division Staff. Congratulations to Blindy and Lucas15 on the promotions!

CS:GO Division News

V6 of the jail map is live on Jailbreak! Give it a go and see what JarJarBinks has introduced this time around.

Aside from the map, there are a few additional changes to Jailbreak:

  • 3 new Last Requests added: Surf Race, Deathrun Race, and Surf Height
  • New Warday introduced: One in the Chamber

Onto promotions, CS:GO had several new moderator promotions this month. Congratulations to 7Z., ComputerChip, and Eisen on becoming Global Mods!

Congratulations to bubblesclearlynotjakeJames, Matt, Scorch, Sno, and SupaNipplez on becoming the first Minigames Mods!

We're not done yet! Congratulations to the newest Jailbreak Trial Mods: Ashe, Amish, clearlynotjake, Dabking, hamood, Hobo, Jasssono, Jimothy, Shadowguard, Sno, and Sqnch!

And finally, congratulations to Straws on his promotion to Division Staff!

GMod Division News

Zombie Survival had a full server at one point last month! 100 players were in the server at once, either trying to defend against zombies or infect the living humans.

PERP is making a return to Garry's Mod! The community assisted in testing the gamemode to find bugs and other issues throughout February. The relaunch is happening March 5 at 8pm EST.

The GMod division welcomed four new Mods in February. Congratulations to 7Z., Cookie-Shift-, and StaibraV on the promotions!

Panda Jankins has jumped from CS:GO to GMod Division Staff! He will be primarily focused on helping PERP succeed.

Rust Division News

At the beginning of February, we launched our newest division: Rust! Our server in the game is a 2x quads that features weekly wipes every Thursday, bi-weekly blueprint wipes, and a handful of quality of life additions.

We hit a peak of 160 players that caused us to raise our player cap earlier this month! Just a few weeks later, we peaked at 190 concurrent players! That is definitely a reason to check out the server yourself.

To join, open your console (f1 by default) and enter "client.connect" to join. Special thanks to zoomy for lending a hand in getting everything setup!

Congratulations to spawn. on becoming the first Division Staff for the division! He also played a huge part in setting up the server. ooga (formerly Jeri) has joined Rust as well to help grow the newest division.

Last but not least, the division also welcomed their first Mods this month. Congratulations to bertMalice, Nxsty, and Sassy on the promotions!

TF2 Division News

CTF Turbine has been seeing a handful of players stop by throughout the month. Stop by and play a few rounds!

Trade 2 on the new Ryzen server box is being converted to a CTF 2fort server, and a Jump server is also in the works. Stay tuned for more information.

We do have a promotion from the month. Congratulations to brgr. on his promotion to Mod!

Community Engagement News

The Community Events team has a few upcoming events for March that you don't want to miss! Be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for all upcoming events.

Social Media is looking for those with experience in doing videos for YouTube and streaming on Twitch. Community Events is seeking events hosts for both CS:S and especially TF2.

Congratulations to Blindy and Scorch on joining CE! They will be helping in corporate partnerships and social media, respectively.

Are you interested in giving back to the community? Join Community Engagement to take the next step in helping HeLLsGamers. Get started by submitting a HGCE application.

Development Community News 

The GFX team is looking for new artists to join. Your creations and skillset will be showcased to the community. If you're willing to share your skills, apply to join today.

The Mapping team is always looking for new mappers. Mappers can now work on themed versions of the JB map and future CS:GO TTT maps. Team lead JarJarBinks shared more info in this post.

The Server Manager team is looking for active and dedicated people willing to help out our CS:GO and CS:S divisions! Send in an application if interested, even if you do not have a lot of experience.

If any of the teams above or any other team in HGDC interests you, show your interest by submitting an HGDC application!

Gaming Divisions News

We are still working on moving servers to the Ryzen box, and there are plans to add new servers in the future. As always, keep an eye out for future server announcements.

The Rust server has been a huge success as mentioned earlier. We hope the community helps servers such as the upcoming CS:GO TTT and GMod PERP servers see similar success.

EddieCam is looking to bring on some more Division Staff for Rust. If you're interested, you can submit a staff application. The requirements are listed on the application page.

General Community News

Have you ever wanted to take it a step further when representing HeLLsGamers? Consider grabbing yourself a piece of HG Merch! We have shirts, hoodies, mugs, keychains, and lanyards available, with more items coming in the future.

Donations help us keep the doors open for everyone. Thank you to an anonymous donor and these wonderful people who donated to the community in February:

  • 7Z.
  • EddieCam
  • Jimothy
  • Law24
  • Spencer

We appreciate each and every donation to the community! If you'd like to help out, you can do so by going here:

Did you know HG doesn't just exist on the forums? Check out our platforms at the link below!

Check out our HG Discord Servers:

We have more than just the few servers you currently play on! Check out our full list here:

Thank you for reading this month's edition of the newsletter. We'll see you next month!

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