HG Community Newsletter (May 2021)

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So Jeep Wranglers, am I right? Anyways, here's the latest in community news.

Welcome to the family our new -hg- Recruits:

-hg- 1989FordFiesta
-hg- 2003 Toyota Corolla
-hg- Crittlestix
-hg- denezrg
-hg- ezzo
-hg- Gaz23
-hg- Joblin
-hg- Lyzrus
-hg- milkish
-hg- Mr. J
-hg- Poong
-hg- roundbanna
-hg- saturns
-hg- Sgt. Salty A.F.
-hg- Space Dad

Congratulations to our latest [HG] Members:

[HG] Ashe
[HG] Cannibal Hunter
[HG] ColinKrengel
[HG] fruitman
[HG] Kenneth
[HG] KikkoMan
[HG] KillerQueen6120
[HG] KingLime
[HG] Lover Of Milfs
[HG] Master Chief
[HG] memes4life69
[HG] SenpaiiPlz

A well earned congratulations to the newest class of HG | Veterans:

HG | Hugin&Munin
HG | Lark
HG | Mr. Robot
HG | Prince Of The Timelords
HG | Scottcjohn
HG | Sno
HG | Train

CS:S Division News

While things have been quiet in CS:S, the gears are turning behind the scenes. We're currently beginning to upgrade out servers to a later version of Sourcemod.

Why does this matter? It will hopefully allow us to implement some neat features to make playing on our servers more exciting!

What features would you like to see? Are there any specific servers or maps you'd like added to the lineup? Let us know in the CS:S forums!

CS:GO Division News

Jailbreak has a new version of the map on the way. A new server is also in development behind the scenes. There's no date for either release yet, but it will be worth the wait!

There were several Trial Mods promoted to full Mods on Jailbreak. Congratulations to AllmyhomieshateEmma, Bravoman, Caplep, Hamood, Icaema, Kikkoman, King Lime, Logster004, Myes, Rains, Snaz, Suburban, and WhoISthis!

But that's not all as TTT has some new Moderators as well. Congratulations Bert, Colinkrengel, Gucci_Icawn, Froggies, Gudetama, Haze, and Sassy!

But that's still not all! Congratulations to Eric, Logster004, and Shadow on their promotions to Global Mods!

Are you interested in becoming a Mod yourself? CS:GO is looking for more Minigames Mods! Send in an application to be considered.

GMod Division News

Zombie Survival has had a few less players recently. While this sounds bad, it's a great time for new players to learn the gamemode! Bring some friends along and give it a try -

Are there any particular features you'd like on ZS? Any new gamemodes you'd love to play? Drop a post in the Garry's Mod forums and we'll take a look!

Rust Division News

Our Rust server continues to thrive as it regularly sees over 100 players! Have you checked it out yet?

Remember resets happen every Thursday afternoon. This is the best time to jump in and gear up!

There are also some exciting new things coming for Rust soon. Stay tuned!

Rust has three new Moderators to help maintain our Rust server. Congratulations to milkish, myes, and Rangewonk!

TF2 Division News

You've probably heard of a gamemode called Jailbreak. Once upon a time, HG had a TF2 Jailbreak server and they have considered bringing it back.

Would you like to see it Jailbreak make a comeback to TF2? Are there any other gamemodes you'd like to see introduced or make a return? Post your suggestions and let us know!

Community Engagement News

We have several promotions within HGCE this month. First up, welcome Combine to the GFX team!

Congratulations to Snowyamur on becoming an HGCE Mentor for GFX! A former member of GFX, Lark has rejoined the team as the CEL!

Moving onto Social Media, Myes has joined to help us out with Twitch! Rains joined as well to help with both Twitch and YouTube! Be sure to follow HG on Twitch and YouTube to catch our upcoming streams and videos!

Congratulations to Asian State Trooper who stepped into the role as the new Social Media CEL! 

In the Community Events team, EisenSkrt has joined to help with CSGO and GMod events!

Last, but certainly not least, congratulations to brgr. on his promotion to Assistant Director of Community Engagement!

Would you like to support the community? HGCE is actively looking for new people for all teams including Community Events, GFX, Partnerships, and Social Media. Apply today if you're interested!

Development Community News 

HGDC welcomes a few new faces. First up, Combine and Vesta have joined the Server Managers to help with our TF2 servers! We also have Twistt who joined the Sourcemod team!

Do you have a particular set of skills? HGDC wants to hear from you! Send an application if you'd like to step up and support the community with your skills.

Gaming Divisions News

HG has some exciting things cooking up in the gaming realm! There will hopefully be announcements in the near future for these when they're ready!

Interested in taking on a leadership role? Submit an Interested in Leadership (ILP) application! These show your interest in stepping up and help you be considered for the position.

As Division Staff, you'll be able to help shape your division by handling bans, managing Mods, processing applications, and much more!

General Community News

Donations keep our ship from sinking. With that said, thanks to these gracious donors from May:

  • brgr.
  • EddieCam
  • Lucas15
  • scottcjohn
  • SenapiiPlz

We appreciate each and every donation to the community! If you'd like to help out, you can do so by going here:

Did you know HG doesn't just exist on the forums? Check out our platforms at the link below!

Check out our HG Discord Servers:

We have more than just the few servers you currently play on! Check out our full list here:

Thank you for reading this month's edition of the newsletter. We'll see you next month!


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