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Darkrp - Now Open!

Homer By Homer, in Server News, , 23 comments, 7957 views

HellsGamers Serious RP server is Back!


The server is now un-passworded and open to the public.


Server Info:


[HG] 24/7 Serious RP Server | FastDL | NoLaG | HellsGamers.com





Gold Member+ get DarkRP GOLD Perks and Admin.

- SWAT Class (Gold only)

- High Class Citizen Class (Gold only)

- Disc Jockey Class (Gold only)

Gold gets 2k for free once a day just by connecting

Gold get discount food

Gold gets extra 10% each payday


More Server Info: http://hellsgamers.c...2714-hg-darkrp/


Thanks to JJK, Papa John for helping work on the server, as well thanks to all the testers.


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Hope it works well for you guys.


Note: my bugs and exploits thread back in 2010 may be of some good use if you have those same issues with falco's prop protection.

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This would be so much fun, but Gold members get such an advantage, i know a lot of servers are kind of Pay2Win, or similar, but this is Pay2Win (2k a day, discount food, extra 10% pay), but also Pay2Play with some of the features such as the Swat and disc jockey class, the high class citizen class i can understand. I would play if it got more balanced out.

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