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New Year, New Game Giveaway!

Nite By Nite, in Server News, , 74 comments, 4201 views

Hello HeLLsGamers once again!


To ring in the new year, why don't you ring it in with a different gamein one of our several different divisions?!



this link shows all games we play




Choose a game from any of our division ( I.E. World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, G-Mod, Etc.)

*There may be multiple winners!!!



1. You must be at least a recruit.

2. You may only have 1 entry

3. Type out, and post in this thread the following

• Say what division you are in

• Say what game you want


4. Entries will end on the 13th and winners chosen soon after - using random.org.







To also help our community, if we have more then 50 entries, I will also donate $50 to HG.


If we have more then 100 entries, I'll donate $100.


I bid you guys all good luck!






(The prize you ask for does NOT have to be in a division you applied for)

*((We might have more then one possible winners depending on amount of entries))

(((Recent contest winners can enter for the donation but will be excluded for the prize drawings)))


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49 more entries till you have to dish out more money to hg lol :D


(i dont want a prize)

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Strat division. Looking for Mists of Pandaria (WoW) if I win. I've purchased MoP for myself, so now I'm looking for game-time on WoW.

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I'm in Gmod division


Want Call of Duty Black Ops.


btw, just a question... so if u pick Tf2, tf2 items as prize or thats not how it works? :P

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CS:S Division [HG] Member


LoL Points (Riot Points)


(If not able to get Riot Points then gw2 would be nice :D)

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